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This Week’s Highlight: Greater Sydney Heat Smart City Plan

Heat is Australia’s deadliest natural hazard and impacts the entire population of Greater Sydney every summer. Urban and extreme heat have significant and growing impacts on the economy, environment, city infrastructure, and communities.


Greater Sydney needs to respond with strategies that minimise the impacts of intense shocks such as heatwaves and the ongoing stress of frequent hot and very hot weather.


The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) formed in 1973 and has a reputation for considered policy analysis and advocacy on a wide range of issues affecting its residents. WSROC also manages several projects including Turn Down the Heat, which addresses the issue of urban heat in Western Sydney and beyond and outlines key priority actions for implementation.

This Request for Quote (RFQ) from WSROC seeks a suitably experienced and qualified consultancy to help develop and deliver the Greater Sydney Heat Smart City Plan. This is a joint project with a range of organisations and falls under Turn Down the Heat. WSROC is the lead agency and main point of contact for the works and will coordinate the RFQ on behalf of its project partners.

A Greater Sydney Heat Taskforce will be the governance vehicle for developing the City Plan. The taskforce is a collaboration of key decision makers across state and local government, industry, and community representatives. The plan should coordinate the city’s resilience to heat as an all-of-society issue. It will outline the key commitments of taskforce partners and set the strategic direction for stakeholders.

WSROC welcome proposals from consortia to deliver the different components of this RFQ. Respondents should clearly outline any collaborations as part of the RFQ response. The successful consultant will work closely with WSROC, Resilient Sydney, and the Greater Sydney Heat Taskforce members to develop the five-year action plan.

The plan should:

· introduce the issue of heat resilience and the important of Greater Sydney addressing it

· outline the policy impetus for the Heat Smart City Plan

· set a clear strategic direction for non-taskforce stakeholders working across government, industry, and community sectors

· outline key commitments/aims of taskforce partners

· identify gaps to address beyond the scope of the plan.

The successful consultant or consortium will deliver engagement activities to co-design the plan. The co-design process should aim to secure agreement on:

• deliverables

• funding and resourcing

• governance and action plan review

• long-term process for delivery.

The closing time and date for responses is 5pm AEST on Tuesday 6 June 2023.

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