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This Week’s Highlight: Nuclear Industry Stakeholder Engagement

The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA), responsible for the procedures and planning for the safe storage of radioactive waste in Australian industry, is seeking to establish a Contract for Nuclear Industry Stakeholder Engagement. 

Radioactive materials are used in medicine, scientific research, industry, technology, and agriculture sectors. Nuclear medicine allows for the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, and it is likely every Australian is to benefit from nuclear medicine in their lives according to Medicare published statistics. 

The use of radioactive materials in industry results in radioactive waste production. The ARWA is responsible for ensuring this waste is safely managed, stored, and disposed of. Radioactive waste in Australia is stored in hospitals, universities, and science facilities. The waste is stored in safe facilities; however, they are not purpose-built, and these storage systems are not sustainable in the long term. 

The ARWA is working on alternative proposals for the safe management of radioactive waste. 

Through this Request for Tender (RFT), the ARWA is seeking to establish Contract that will provide Strategic Advice Implementation on this issue.

The services include nuclear-specific stakeholder engagement, with impacted communities, the nuclear industry, and the broader public. The aim of this engagement is to support an understanding of Australia’s radioactive waste inventory and the need for safe management. 


The tenderer will be responsible for: 

  • Strategic planning and high-level advice for radioactive waste management stakeholder engagement, including engagement with the public. 
  • Assist in preparing factually correct nuclear technology and radioactive waste engagement materials. 
  • Upskilling Government staff for stakeholder engagement, including stringent preparation for technical and challenging questions from the public, in addition to high outrage management and crisis communication 
  • Assist with liaison with nuclear industry and academic stakeholders to prepare material 


Due to the sensitivity around the storage of nuclear waste, this contractor will provide training for Government staff to handle crisis communication and high outrage management. 

The tenderer must be able to outline demonstrated experience and understanding of the Nuclear and Radioactive Industry. Additionally, the Tenderer must be able to obtain baseline security clearance, provide a WHS plan, and comply with applicable Australian and International standards. 

There is no Industry Briefing, however questions are permitted until the 10th of April. 

The closing time and date for responses will remain open until the 17th of April 2024. 

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