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This Week’s Highlight: Support Services for Victims of Identity Crime

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Australians suffered an estimated $2.7 billion in losses due to scams during 2022-23. The ACCC received over 16,000 reports of identity theft, resulting in losses exceeding $10 million. 

Through a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), the Attorney-General’s Department seeks one or more service providers to expand existing support services for victims of identity crime. The goal is to enable more victims to access tailored support and guidance for recovering from compromised identities. In the previous financial year, approximately 25,000 Australian victims utilized these support services, and this number is expected to grow. 

The primary aims of this service includes: 

  1. Identity Theft Recovery and Guidance: Providing individuals with guidance on essential steps to recover from identity theft. 
  2. Mitigation and Remediation: Advising individuals on mitigating or remediating damage caused by identity theft. 
  3. Assessing and Replacing Credentials: Evaluating identity theft cases and assisting individuals in replacing compromised identity credentials. 
  4. Educating on Warning Signs: Informing individuals about signs indicating ongoing misuse of their compromised identity. 
  5. Training for Frontline Staff: Offering accredited training to Commonwealth Agency frontline staff to effectively handle identity crime victims. 
  6. Comprehensive Reporting Services: Contributing to reporting services by providing detailed usage reports, statistical analyses of identity crime impacts, and monitoring emerging threats related to identity crime on both the dark web and clear net.

The closing time and date for responses will remain open until the 12 April 2024. 

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