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This Week’s Highlight: Cyber Security Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in Queensland

In today’s digital economy, cyber security has become a key concern for Australian business, particularly of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Queensland small business owners lack adequate security measures and are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to the ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023, the average cost of a cybercrime incident for a small business is approximately $46,000, with many SMEs underestimating the severity and consequences of cyber incidents. 

Recognising the challenge of an increasingly digital age, where SMEs risk large losses to cyber-attacks, the Queensland Government has allocated $15 million over three years. This is an investment in cyber security and aims to equip SMEs with robust cyber security infrastructure and training, to address the knowledge gaps, provide practical tools, and foster a culture of cyber security awareness. 

The Queensland Government is seeking to procure a range of cyber security support services for SMEs in Queensland.  

These services are designed to address the unique needs of SMEs, including: 

  • Cyber Security Infrastructure Solutions Package: This package provides essential cyber security tools and solutions. It includes setting up secure VPN networks, deploying antivirus/antimalware software, implementing multi factor authentication, enabling data encryption, and cloud-based solutions. Additionally, SMEs can benefit from a rebate to alleviate the financial burden of investing in essential cybersecurity tools. 
  • Awareness and Training package: This package focuses on comprehensive education and training initiatives to increase cyber security awareness among SME owners and employees. It includes workshops, webinars, and ongoing awareness campaigns. 
  • Self-Assessment Toolkit: Developing user-friendly toolkits to help SMEs conduct self-assessments of their cyber security resilience, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The supplier should utilise and expand upon existing toolkits and tools for SMEs such as those provided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. 
  • Compliance Training: This initiative involves developing and disseminating training programs, policies, and procedures to ensure SMEs comply with relevant cyber security laws, regulations, and industry standards. 

This initiative will ensure that Queensland SMEs are well-equipped to mitigate cyber risks, enhancing their ability to maintain secure and resilient operations. 

Queensland Government prefers engaging with a primary supplier for all service types, however multiple suppliers would also be considered based on their ability to deliver a service type/s. 

The selected supplier(s) must adhere to the following design principles: 

  • Assessing Business Owner Awareness 
  • Package Customisation 
  • Comprehensive Services and Training 
  • Awareness Training Programs 
  • Effective and Continuous Utilisation 
  • Engagement 

Tenderers will be evaluated on their experience in delivering cyber security services, the capacity to deliver the specific services within the proposed geographic areas, innovation and effectiveness, value for money, and ability to integrate with existing collaborations. 

The closing time and date for responses will remain open until the 22 July 2024.   

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