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This Week’s Highlight: Charter Vessel for Great Barrier Reef Research

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is Australia’s foremost marine research agency and a global leader in the field. AIMS provides unique insights into Australia’s tropical waters and produces globally relevant and innovative research solutions. AIMS focuses on enhancing Australian ocean health, and safeguarding coral reefs against climate change.

AIMS has issued a Request for Quote (RFQ), seeking a charter vessel for research in the Great Barrier Reef for 2024. The tender invites suitably qualified Vessel Charter Services to submit quotes to support scientific fieldwork.

Currently, AIMS currently owns and operates two regional class research vessels. To meet their fieldwork needs, they require 31 – 83 days onboard commercial vessels to complete a scope of works with an area of operation from Lady Elliot Island to North of Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Core requirements of the selected maritime operator area include the ability to operate safely, support scientific dive operations, and to assist in the survey of coral reeves on board a vessel(s) with:

  • A range greater than 700 nautical miles
  • A cruising speed greater than9 knots
  • Capability for continuous operations in remote locations for more than 14 consecutive days
  • Accommodation and victual of up to 15 scientific personnel
  • Ability to support scientific diving operations and organism collections
  • Ability to operate from ports across Northern Queensland

AIMS prioritises safety, therefore suppliers must comply with AIMS safety requirements, including holding relevant regulatory and insurance certificates, as well as Safety Management Systems.

Suppliers will be evaluated based on demonstrated experience, operational safety, operational capability, innovation, and price.

The closing time and date for responses will remain open until the 10 July 2024. 

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