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This Week’s Highlight: Telecommunications Marketplace Panel Refresh

The Commonwealth Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is refreshing the whole-of-government telco procurement marketplace and seeking new additions.

The Federal Government established the Telecommunications Marketplace in September 2020 for sellers offering internet, mobile, and network products, including associated services, to government buyers. The marketplace enables federal, state, and local governments to buy digital products and services from suppliers.

A Request for tender from the DTA outlines the refresh request as it looks to bring in new suppliers and give existing ones the chance to apply for new categories.

The panel arrangement Request For Tender is multi-agency access and invites applications from telecommunications services providers for:

• Category 1 – Data Carriage Services

• Category 2 – Internet Carriage Services

• Category 3 – Fixed Line Voice Carriage

• Category 4 – Managed Network Services

• Category 5 – Unified Communications Services

• Category 6 – Managed Voice Services

• Category 7 – Dark-Fibre Services

• Category 8 – Contact Centre Services

• Category 10 – Enterprise Mobility Services

• Category 11 – Satellite Services

• Category 12 – Managed Router Services

The 36 current suppliers will only need to reapply for inclusion in the refreshed marketplace if they seek involvement in new categories. Sellers who are not existing panellists on the Telecommunications Marketplace may apply for any Category.

Tenderers can also sell associated services for telecommunications products, including installation, support, and maintenance.

The marketplace wants to keep its current pricing regime that sets the maximum price of certain offerings for a minimum period of 12 months.

Questions close time is 5pm AEDT 1 February 2023 and the timeframe for delivery is Q2 2023.

The closing date for tenders is 22 February 2023 at 3pm (ACT Local Time).

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