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This Week’s Highlight: NSW Learner Passport

The NSW Government is creating a one-stop digital portal for high school students to access their academic and non-academic achievements. As part of the Education Wallet Program, the government is initiating a NSW Learner Passport for young people.

The NSW Learner Passport will give young people agency over decisions about their pathways and enable them to meaningfully show their skills and strengths to multiple audiences.

The objective of the Request For Tender (RFT) is to provide this capability for NSW secondary school students – enable them to own the evidence of their academic as well as non-academic achievements, skills, strengths, passions, and interests – and keep it in one place, the Learner Passport.

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) seeks to engage a suitably capable supplier to design and implement the Learner Passport solution to fulfill this objective.

The DoE envisages the Learner Passport helping young people in NSW plan their pathways. The aim is for students in Year 9 from 2024 to have access to decision-making support, information, and the skills to exercise clarity while taking the next steps in their lives.

With the Learner Passport, young people in NSW will:

· meaningfully communicate the value of their strengths and skills

· obtain informed help to define suitable pathways and set relevant goals

· choose courses and get into jobs that give them the experiences they want.

The Learner Passport is to include the following components:

· Education Credentials – evidence of academic and non-academic achievements from an authorised source (for example, NESA, RTO, school, community, industry).

· Portfolio – the function of the passport that allows students to contribute evidence of experience, achievement, and awards.

· Profile – the function of the passport that allows students to curate the strength-based view of themselves and share it with career advisers, employers, and further education providers.

Tenders will be evaluated against a set of weighted criteria that includes both Aboriginal and SME participation as well as technical capability against:

– Learner Passport Functional Requirements

– Non-Functional Requirements

– Badge Management and Integration requirements

Note that a pre-tender briefing has been held and a recording is available for interested tenderers.

The closing date for tenders is 31 January 2023 at 2pm (an extension on the original closing time).

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