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This Week’s Highlight: Augmented and virtual reality welding equipment

TAFE NSW is Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training with more than 500,000 annual enrolments and a reputable history of setting the benchmark for quality service.

As the state’s public provider, TAFE NSW supports the government’s priority to grow skills for the economy and jobs of tomorrow and plays a vital role in providing education in rural and regional NSW including job training pathways. It continues to innovate and respond to changing skills needs and is investing in new equipment assets to meet industry and course reequipments.

In this Request For Proposal, TAFE NSW seeks specialised equipment associated with augmented and virtual reality welding and delivery to various locations.

As part of the RFP, TAFE NSW supplies a list of equipment for respondents to review. They can then indicate delivery cost for regional and metro locations (if applicable), make/model of offered equipment, and price. The equipment tender list and expected initial quantity includes:

· augmented reality welder x 6

· virtual reality welder x 6

· welding robot x 1

· welding trainer x 8

· TIG welder – future demand

· multi-process welder – future demand

· plasma cutter – future demand.

The specialised range will support innovative training activities, but TAFE NSW is deliberately non-specific in relation to brand or equipment particularisation.

Evaluation criteria, in no order, includes:

· service capability, product training and support, compliance with the scope of work, experience

· price – total cost of ownership, initial price, training, maintenance

· extent of compliance with draft contract.


Mandatory services:

· join and transact with TAFE NSW via the Ariba Network for orders and invoices

· delivery to site – suppliers are to provide an indication of delivery costs.

TAFE NSW seeks to identify suppliers for a five-year period.

Cut-off for RFP enquiries is 30 June 2023. TAFE will complete its evaluation on 28 July and notify respondents on 30 August.

The closing time and date for responses is 11pm on 10 July 2023.

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