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This Week’s Highlight: Remote piloting simulation system for Air Force cadets

With an aim to develop the remote piloting skills of its cadets, the Australian Air Force wants to set up an engaging simulation system.


Establishing remote piloting skills before moving to live drone flying will significantly enhance cadets’ user experience. It will also reduce operating costs that result from students withdrawing from later training and accidental damage to uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAVs).


The Australian Government’s Approach to Market (ATM) seeks to procure a remote piloting simulation system (RPSS) for Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC). The Air Force seeks solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, adaptable, readily accessible, and secure. RPSS capability specifically requires a cloud-based learning management system (LMS).


The proposed capability of the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) RPSS will enable AAFC and instructional staff to improve their skills in a safe, low-cost, virtual environment. Responses to the ATM must clearly address:

· how they will provide each part of the requirement, including resourcing, timing, and reliance/dependencies on other parties’ systems or support

· what, if any, limits, restrictions, or caveats apply to part or whole of delivery of the requirement.

This includes specific augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and simulation capability requirements.

The RPSS user experience requirements include:

· scenarios that are consistent with the environment an AAFC member is likely to experience in real life

· reference to safety and operational procedures and protocols consistent with those issued by relevant authorities in Australia

· progressive experience and associated scalable training capability, that is, Level 1 – introductory (no previous experience, available to all AAFC members) and Level 2 – completed Level 1 (continued interest, completion will be a lead into live flying).

The training and operating capabilities the RPSS incorporates must align with the UAVs that cadets have been or are likely to use. These UAVs are likely to change in line with technology developments and other issues such as security integrity. The UAVs currently approved for use include:

· Ryze Tech Tello EDU (indoor flight only)

· Autel EVO2

· Autel Nano

Cadets Branch – Air Force (CB-AF) envisages up to 9000 AAFC members will have access to Level 1 (introductory experience), with between 200 and 500 AAFC members having approved access to the Level 2 (and above) RPSS capability annually. These numbers are subject to variation and should not be relied upon as minimum or maximum number of users.

The RPSS, including development of training scenarios, completion of system access procedures, and related support arrangements, are to be operational by 30 June 2024. The RPSS must be available from desktop computers and laptops to approved users on a 24/7 basis.


The proposed start date is 31 October 2023, and the contract will end on 30 October 2025 but includes extension options.

The closing time and date for responses is 10am ACT local time on Monday 7 August 2023.

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