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This Week’s Highlight: Replacement hyperbaric recompression chamber

The Australian Defence Force predicates its diving capability on a comprehensive training program. Extensive support systems facilitating this highly specialised training include a hyperbaric treatment capability co-located with the ADF Diving School and Submarine Underwater Medicine Unit (SUMU) at HMAS Penguin, Sydney.

The COMCARE Defence High Risk Diving Work Standard requires trainees undergoing initial free ascent training to have onsite access to:

· an operational recompression chamber suitable for therapeutic treatment

· a medical officer trained in underwater medicine.

Defence seeks a replacement hyperbaric chamber and ongoing support and invites respondents to provide a solution under a lease and/or acquisition model to support this capability. The project is part of the Navy Minors Capital Program. Operation of the hyperbaric chamber includes maintenance, provision of spares, consumables (sustainment), and operators.

This Invitation to Register (ITR) invites submissions indicating tenderers’ willingness and capacity to provide acquisition, sustainment, and operation of a replacement hyperbaric chamber.

In conducting this ITR, the Commonwealth is seeking an outcome that will:

· identify potential suppliers capable of fulfilling Defence’s requirements

· establish respondents’ technical, managerial, and financial capacity

· reduce the time Defence spends evaluating complex and detailed responses

· allow prospective suppliers sufficient time to explore licensing requirements and establish their subcontractors

· assist in determining the acquisition and sustainment model to supply a hyperbaric chamber and ongoing support.

The chamber and supporting system must be built in accordance with AS/NZS 4774.2; achieve registration under the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act (1989); and the NSW requirements for medical gas work. The preferred location is within Building 30 at HMAS Penguin, 7a Middle Head Road, Mosman, NSW. This will ensure proximity to SUMU’s triage/treatment area and the ADF Diving School waterfront.

The inclusion of a diving simulator (water-filled chamber) is a desirable option for assessment in a controlled environment. Tenderers must be able to install this option within the footprint of Building 30 at Penguin.

Defence is conducting an ITR industry briefing on Friday, 17 March 2023 at HMAS Penguin. This is an opportunity for industry to ask questions and understand the background to the procurement. Registration for this ITR industry briefing will close on Monday, 13 March 2023.

Following this ITR process, Defence will conduct a Request for Tender (RFT) to a limited market based on the outcomes of the ITR evaluation.

The closing date for responses is 4pm ACT local time on 14 April 202

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