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This Week’s Highlight: ICTPA panel periodic refresh

The Department of Defence invites tenders for the Information Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) panel. The panel arrangement implements an adaptive sourcing framework and enables Defence to remain a smarter and more sophisticated buyer of ICT services.

In 2018, Defence announced 32 providers for its first round of the ICTPA panel, which runs until 24 June this year. The refresh again presents a long awaited opportunity for some industry members and enables Defence to fill its incoming IT services procurement panel arrangement with local suppliers.

This Request For Tender (RFT) is a periodic refresh of the ICTPA panel arrangement and covers three service towers: systems integration; application services; and IT services. Tenderers should indicate their willingness and capacity to provide any or all services listed in the Deed of Standing Offer. Note that submissions from new applicants have specific conditions for participation that differ from the conditions for current suppliers. These are summarised in the RFT Covering Letter and are worth reviewing before determining your bid/no bid strategy.

ICT panels are very common for government agencies as they create a simple, clear, and fast framework to buy digital products and services. It is always important to note that success on a panel is not a guarantee of work, but an initial prequalification and an agreement against a set of terms and conditions.

New panellists are expected to be in contract by June 2023 and tenderers should submit responses electronically via the AusTender website

The closing date for responses is 4pm ACT local time on 19 April 2023.

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