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This Week’s Highlight: Recruitment and Search Services Panel refresh

The Department of Finance is establishing a new Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) mandatory coordinated procurement. The process for what is collectively known as the People Panel involves three phases – Recruitment and Search Services (Phase 1), Labour Hire Services (Phase 2), and Professional Contractor Services (Phase 3).

In proposing a refresh of the Recruitment and Search Services Panel (Phase 1 of the People Panel), Finance seeks feedback from industry, including current panellists, to inform its strategy. This is not an approach to market or otherwise part of any tender process for People Panel – Phase 1 Recruitment and Search Services Panel Refresh.

Where appropriate, Finance may incorporate feedback into any subsequent tender documentation, or otherwise use it to inform a proposed approach to market.

Finance encourages organisations to respond to this paper. In undertaking a refresh of the People Panel: Phase 1 – Recruitment and Search Services arrangement, Finance intends to allow:

· new market entrants to submit a tender

· service providers that were unsuccessful in some or all service categories to submit another tender

· service providers that missed the original tender opportunity to submit a tender submission

· service providers that were excluded from the procurement process for failing to meet the minimum content and format requirements of the request for tender to resubmit a tender submission. For example, not submitting a valid and satisfactory Statement of Tax Record with their tender.

Service providers already enrolled on Phase 1 of the People Panel will not be required to submit a tender for their nominated service category.

The strategy to refresh Phase 1 of the People Panel may include any one or combination of the following:

· a single approach to market to refresh all or any number of service categories at the same time

· separate approaches to the market for any new service categories and the refresh of current service categories.

Finance anticipates it will conduct the procurement process to refresh Phase 1 of the People Panel in a similar manner to the procurement process that established Phase 1 of the People Panel. This includes a requirement for tenderers to:

· demonstrate their experience and that of their personnel in relation to providing each nominated Service Category to the Commonwealth, Australian State/Territory Governments, and/or other organisations of a similar size and scale

· provide examples that are relevant to capability and capacity to provide the Offered Services

· provide details of referees to support claimed experience

· provide competitive pricing.

To allow Finance to efficiently consolidate and review feedback, interested parties are requested to complete the survey by 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on Monday 18 March 2024.

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