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This Week’s Highlight: Canberra Light Rail Panel

Canberra’s 12-kilometer light rail network, first launched in 2019, connects the city centre to its Northern regions. Due to its success, the ACT Government is expanding this network in stage 2 developments to ensure the city remains connected, sustainable, and vibrant. Canberra’s upgraded transport network plans to safely and reliably connect passengers to work, family, learning, communities, and attractions.

Expansions include adding three new stops in stage 2A between the City and Commonwealth Park, and then extending the network to Woden in stage 2B, connecting Canberra’s southside to the city.

The ACT Government’s Major Projects Canberra (MPC) oversees and delivers the Territory’s infrastructure program. Its projects include the Canberra Hospital Expansion, a Canberra Institute of Technology campus, and the Canberra Light Rail. With the Light Rail’s stage 2 expansion, MPC formed a panel of potential contractors it could invite when needed to respond to requests to deliver services.

Panel members are recognised for their experience and expertise in providing advice relating to complex technical design, procurement, and Commonwealth engagement, particularly in respect of light rail and rail in an urban context, or complex engineering systems.

Through a request for tender (RFT), MPC is seeking to establish an Advisory Panel of Light Rail Specialists that will supersede the current panel arrangement. The purpose of the panel is to provide specialist advisory services to the territory.

The Panel requires the provision of services within the following Disciplines:

– Transport Project Management, Procurement and Economics

– Transport Technical, Design and Planning

– Transport Delivery, Operations, Management and Governance

– Light Rail Technical, Commercial Advisory and Business Support Services

The purpose of this RFT is not to allocate work or award contracts for specific services, but MPC may invite panel members to respond to Requests for Quote. Other ACT Government Directorates unrelated to the Canberra Light Rail Project may also call on the services of the panel.

Tenderers must hold active prequalification with the ACT Government and complete and submit an Ethical Suppliers Declaration. The ACT Government is also committed to ensuring competitive local businesses are given every opportunity to compete for government contracts.

The Canberra Light Rail Specialist Advisors Panel is an open panel, with organisations able to apply to join throughout its life. As such, the proposed timetable for the procurement process relating to this RFT covers the initial 4-year term, with an option to extend a further 4 years.

The closing time and date for responses will remain open until the 29 July 2027. 

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