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This Week in Government Tenders
This Week in Government Tenders
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This Week in Government Tenders

This week’s highlights: Defence Infrastructure - Electrical Upgrades

Activity in the Defence construction space is on the rise again with fourteen Request For Tenders (RFTs) currently open with atleast three weeks response time remaining. These RFTs range in their requirements and include civil works, asbestos removal, hydraulics, building design, construction and electrical upgrades. The work is also scattered across the country at a variety of Defence establishments. This week there are 4 RFTs requiring electrical work, high and low voltage in NSW and Queensland. As with all Defence Construction work there are some key features that tenderers need to be aware of:

Tender Particulars – Your first port of call should be the Tender Partuculars table. It will outline among other things, Industry Brief time and place, regulatory requirements, plans to be submitted and key personnel required. Its a good starting point to determine if your company capability is suited to this RFT. Note the preparation time for these tenders is usually 4-6 weeks.

Confidentiality Agreements – Most RFTs will not publish the scope of work details on Austender. You will be required to submit a Confidentiality agreement to receive the Scope of Work.

Building Works Code 2016 – All these RFTs require compliance with this Code at time of tender submission and some may also require a Workplace Relations Management Plan.

WH&S Accreditation – This is not always a requirement and is subject to the scope of work for each tender. Most of the electrical upgrade tenders released this week do NOT require it.

Indigenous Procurement Policy – Mandatory requirements are not applicable in the case of this weeks highlighted RFTs, however you will still need to outline your policies and practices with regards to indigenous procurement.

Medium Works Contract – All Defence Estate Works Program RFTs are based on a Medium Works Contracting template. So its worth your while becoming familiar with its contents.

Alternate Tenders – Defence will accept alternative tenders only with respect to alternate designs and only if you have submitted a conforming tender with the RFT requirements and the alternative proposal is in addition, not instead of a conforming tender.

More details on preparing for Defence Construction RFTs can be found here.

If you are after specific advice on these or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us.

Closing Date4 Jul 17
Industry Brief13 Jun 17
DepartmentDefence - DSRG
Closing Date6 Jul 17
Industry Brief6 Jun 17
DepartmentDefence - DSRG
Closing Date14 Jul 17
Industry Brief19 Jun 17
DepartmentDefence - DSRG
Closing Date14 Jul 17
Industry Brief19 Jun 17
DepartmentDefence - DSRG

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Fall from Heights Maintenance Works at RAAF Base Wagga and Blamey Barracks, NSW20 Jun 1731 May 17Defence - DSRG
Fleet Base West Building Works Package 220 Jun 176 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
EOI - AIR7000 Phase 1B - Sustainment Facilities for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System - Integrated Project Delivery Contract 20 Jun 17N/A for EOI phase. To be arranged post submission for all registered companiesDefence - DSRG
HMAS Watson Redevelopment Project - Managing Contract21 Jun 17TBA post submission of disclaimer & confidentiality agreement.Defence - DSRG
Tully Field Training Area - Building Works22 Jun 176 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Defence Science Technology Group Edinburgh - Gun Tunnel Remediation Works 23 Jun 178 Jun 17. Need to register for access cardDefence - DSRG
Demolition & Refurbishment of Building 21 at RAAF Base Amberley, QLD30 Jun 1714 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Asbestos Remediation at HMAS Stirling, Irwin Barracks and Campbell Barracks3 Jul 178 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Electrical and Hydraulics Works at Victoria and Randwick Barracks, NSW4 Jul 1713 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Tully Combat Training Centre, Replacement Suspension Bridge and Stokes Litters5 Jul 177 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Electrical Infrastructure Works at RAAF Base Williamtown6 Jul 176 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Puckapunyal Army Living In Accommodation Refurbishment6 Jul 1721 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Ranges Civil Works at Puckapunyal & Graytown, Victoria7 Jul 1722 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Ring Main Unit Upgrades and Replacement at RAAF Amberley, QLD14 Jul 1716 Jun 17Defence - DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Therapeutic Goods Assessment & Advisory Services PanelNotice of RFT to be released May 17N/AHealth

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Provision and support of an Integrated IP Television (IPTV) System22 Jun 17N/AForeign Affairs & Trade
Electronic Access Control System (EACS) Upgrade23 Jun 171 Jun 17National Museum of Australia
API Management Software26 Jun 17N/ABureau of Meteorology
Provision of Electro-Magnetic Energy Assessment Services26 Jun 17N/AAirservices Australia
Testing services for the Australian Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting program26 Jun 17N/AAustralian Competition & Consumer Commission
Satellite Communications Services26 Jun 17N/AEnvironment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
The provision of Electronic Referral Management Service26 Jun 17N/AAustralian Federal Police
Committee Audio Recording Services29 Jun 17N/AParliamentary Services

Education & Training

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
RFP - Naval Shipbuilding College21 Jul 178 Jun 17Education & Training
EOI - Online Challenge Game build26 Jun 17N/AAustralian Communications and Media Authority


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Electronic Warfare Training System - NoticeNotice of RFT Release: July 17N/ADefence-CASG
Luggage29 Jun 17N/ADefence-CASG
RFI - Enhanced Industry Involvement in Defence Fuel Installation Management30 Jun 17 Date Extended15 May 17Defence-DSRG
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for Submissions30 Jun 17N/ADefence-CASG
Request for Information Maritime Tactical Unmanned Air System21 Jun 178 Jun 17Defence-CASG
Ship Management Contract for Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Protector18 Jul 176 Jun 17Defence-CASG

Business & Management Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Optimising Network Regulation Incentives20 Jun 17N/AEnvironment & Energy
Economic Impact Analysis/Cost benefit Analysis for the Regulatory Impact of the Workplace Exposure Standards Framework21 Jun 17N/ASafe Work Australia
National Annual Investment Area Forums for Collaboration and Technical Review20 Jun 17Must register with GRDC for RFT infoGrains Research & Development

Research & Reviews

Specialist & Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
ABF Small Vessel In service Support (Vessels <15m)22 Jun 17N/AImmigration & Border Protection
Order of Australia insignia manufacture and supply20 Jun 17N/AOffice of Official Secretary to the Governor General
Insignia manufacture and supply: Bravery, Distinguished, Conspicuous, Meritorious, operational and long service medals23 Jun 17N/AOffice of Official Secretary to the Governor General
Primary Shutter for TG123 Installation – Manufacturing26 Jun 17N/AANSTO
Ship Agency Services26 Jun 17N/AEnvironment & Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
Environmental Stewardship Program Ecological Monitoring and Evaluation Services26 Jun 17N/AEnvironment & Energy
RFQ - Weighing Scales28 Jun 17N/ADefence-DSRG
Trademark Defence Insurance21 Jul 1710 May 17IP Australia

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