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This Week’s Highlight: Provision of Media Services

Not too many government departments can operate these days without some social media presence that allows public notices and customer engagement to occur. Services Australia is one such agency that relies on an effective social media presence to enable its public facing function for the delivey of advice, services and payments for social, health and child support. So this week we look at a Request for Tender (RFT) issued by Services Australia looking to establish a panel of service providers that can provide Media Services relevant to the agencies operations.

The scope of services is separated into five discrete Categories of Service as follows:

(a) media and social media monitoring

(b) media analysis

(c) social media response management and customer engagement

(d) social media publishing; and

(e) professional media services

However, note that tenderers can choose to supply against one or more of the Categories of Service, as each category will be evaluated separately. Key aspects of the evaluation will be the tenderer’s demonstrated experience in undertaking similar work as verified by a referee.

The panel is expected to operate for 3 years with potential options for extension up to a further 2 years. The RFT closes on 4 October 2022.

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Building, Construction and Civil Works

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ASMTI Project near Greenvale, North Queensland - Market Sounding of Early Works ContractorsNoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Notice - Industry Update for the Base Services Transformation ProgramNotice N/A Defence - DSRGNotice
Cultana Training Area Underpass – Early Contractor Involvement Head ContractorNotice TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
Defence Airfields - Notice - ECIHC RAAF Base TownsvilleNotice TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
EST0129PH3 Facilities to Support LAND 129 Phase 3 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Notice of upcoming procurementNotice N/A Defence - DSRGNotice
PFAS Remedial Works Framework - Remediation Design & Delivery ServicesExtended to 30 Sep 22N/A Airservices AustraliaRFT
RAAF Richmond Building 107 Refurbishment, NSWExtended to 26 Sep 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFT
HMAS Moreton New Administration Building, QLD20 Sep 22TBCDefence - DSRGRFT
Design and Construction of 8 Houses at Torhaven, Deebing Heights QLD21 Sep 22N/A Defence Housing AustraliaRFT
Appointment of Contractors to the Residential Maintenance Services Panel - Tindal, NT22 Sep 22N/A Defence Housing AustraliaRFT
Request for Tender for the Establishment of a Trade Services Panel (Standing Offer)23 Sep 227 Sep, Online Department of Parliamentary ServicesRFT
Request for Tender-Head Contract–EST06796–Anglesea Paterson Project–Works Package 1–Anglesea Barracks Component, Hobart27 Sep 225 Sept, Online Defence - DSRGRFT
Randwick Barracks Building 100 Refurbishment, NSW27 Sep 22Defence - DSRGRFT
EST0019PH7B LAND19 Phase 7B SRGBAD - Head Contractor28 Sep 22Defence - DSRGRFT
Holsworthy Training Area 3 Year Roads Project, NSWExtended to 7 Oct 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFT
EST0159PH1-HC - Invitation to Register Interest - Head Contract (HC-1 2021) (Design and Construct) – Upgrade to GBTA MTR30 Sep 22TBCDefence - DSRGEOI
Design and Construction of 27 Dwellings at Nirimba Fields, NSW for FY2023-24Extended to 4 Oct 22N/A Defence Housing AustraliaRFT
HMAS Harman Live In Accommodation Building Works, ACT4 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Amberley C17 Precinct Minor Refurbishment and Maintenance, QLD5 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
Control System Equipment and Support Services7 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
Provision of construction services to support the SmartGate implementation at Darwin International Airport10 Oct 2228 Sept, onsite Department of Home AffairsRFT
RAAF Williamtown 81 Wing Decontamination, NSW11 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Richmond Warehouse Refurbishment Works, NSW11 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
Gallipoli Barracks P Lines Live In Accommodation Refurbishment, QLD12 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
Mala Water and Sewer Upgrade12 Oct 2221 Sept, OnlineDirector of National ParksRFT
RAAF Townsville Transit Live In Accommodation Refurbishments, QLD13 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
5 Aviation MRH90 Remediation works, QLD14 Oct 22N/ADefence - DSRGRFT
Major Upgrade – Hillside Gardens - NT19 Oct 2213 Sept, 66 Hillside Gardens, Alice Springs Defence Housing AustraliaRFT
NCIS 6B Maritime Works Stage 2 and Building Works, HMAS Coonawarra, NT - Managing Contractor Contract (MCC-1-2021)13 Oct 226 Sep. TBCDefence - DSRGRFT
Aids to Navigation maintenance and Level 1 Emergency Towage CapabilityExtended to 28 Oct 22N/A Australian Maritime Safety AuthorityRFT

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Notice to Industry - SECRET Cloud ServicesNotice N/A Defence - DSRGNotice
Advance Notice - Data Centre Support Services (separable portion)Notice 21 Sept, Online Agency:Australian Taxation OfficeNotice
Advance Notice - Data Centre Network Manager (separable portion)Notice 21 Sept, Online Agency:Australian Taxation OfficeNotice
Advance Notice - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure ServicesNotice 21 Sept, Online Agency:Australian Taxation OfficeNotice
Advance Notice - Midrange and Data Centre Services (as a whole)Notice 21 Sept, Online Agency:Australian Taxation OfficeNotice
Data Centre ServicesExtended to 4 Oct 22TBCDigital Transformation AgencyRFT
Integration CapabilityExtended to 7 Oct 22TBCAustralian Maritime Safety AuthorityEOI
Project subsites Drupal hosting services24 Sep 22N/AAustralian Human Rights CommissionRFT
Phoebe C2 Digital Twin (Systems Integration)26 Sep 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFP
Phoebe C2 Digital Twin (Scope 2 OFCAM Upgrade)26 Sep 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFP
Phoebe C2 Digital Twin (Scope 1 Cortex)26 Sep 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFP
NDIA Eligibility and Suitable checks27 Sep 226 Sept, Online Services AustraliaRFT
Request for Tender for the provision of a Test Automation Solution3 Oct 22N/ADepartment of Health and Aged CareRFT
WGEA Communities of Practice Portal17 Oct 22TBCWorkplace Gender Equality AgencyRFQ

Defence & National Security

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of Commercial Vessels to the RANNotice N/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Land Environment Working Group 2022 - Second NoticeNotice TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
AIR3503 Enhanced PEDExtended to 23 Sep 22N/A  Defence - DSRGRFI
Joint Cyber Directorate Market Research on Cyber Industry CapabilityExtended to 30 Sep 22N/A Defence - DSRGRFI
Project Land 154 Phase 4 - Detector SuiteExtended to 5 Oct 22N/A Defence - CASGRFT
Future Clothing System RFTExtended to 14 Oct 2227 July, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.Defence - CASGRFT
Integrated Land Target Systems Contractor4 Oct 22N/A Defence - CASGRFT
Naval Hull Surveyor - ANZAC Class19 Oct 22N/ADefence - CASGRFT
Land C4 Combat Capability Review31 Oct 22TBCDefence - DSRGRFI
AIR05428PH3 - Air Mission Training System6 Jan 2321 Feb, TBC Defence - CASGEOI
ADF Sea Boat Program20 Jan 2319 Sept, Sydney. 20 Sept, Hobart. 22 Sept, Perth Defence - CASGRFT

Community Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Defence Family and Member Helpline (DMFH)Notice TBC Defence - DSRGNotice
Defence Family and Member Support (DMFS) HelplineNotice N/A Defence - DSRGNotice


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP) Contract30 Sep 2231 Aug, Online Defence - DSRGRFT

Engineering & Architecture

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Bulk Fuel Storage Upgrade at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park28 Sep 2214 Sep, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National ParkDirector of National ParksRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No opportunities at this time


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No opportunities at this time

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No opportunities at this time

Management Advisory/Market Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Phase 3 Commercial Management Advisory Services for the Australian GovernmentNotice N/A Department of FinanceNotice
Review of regulatory consultative arrangements26 Sep 22N/A Australian Fisheries Management AuthorityRFT
Provision of services to design and facilitate ANAO portfolio planning days28 Sep 22N/AAustralian National Audit OfficeRFT
Contract Officer for Lake Burley Griffin and Scrivener Dam3 Oct 22TBCNational Capital AuthorityRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of Media Services4 Oct 22N/AServices AustraliaRFT

Scientific/Environmental Research, Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Bulk and Cylinder Gas Supply20 Sep 2229 Aug, ANSTO, Lucas HeightsAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
National Risk Management Initiative – Action Research Groups22 Sep 22N/A Grains Research and Development CorporationRFT
National Risk Management Initiative – Project Lead and TeamExtended to 23 Sep 22N/A Grains Research and Development CorporationRFT
BRIGHT MX3 HVAC4 Oct 226 Sept, Australian Synchrotron, ClaytonAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
Analyse active and potential threats to island ecosystems in the Great Barrier Reef5 Oct 228 Sept, Online Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityRFT
Increasing intrinsic heat tolerance of wheat through improved genetics31 Oct 22N/A Grains Research and Development CorporatioRFT

Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Travel and Accommodation Management Services for the Australian Government – Industry Consultation PaperNotice Department of FinanceNotice
Supply of Destruction and Disposal ServicesExtended to 30 Sep 22TBCDepartment of Home AffairsRFT
Criminology Research Projects’ Round 2022Extended to 6 Oct 22N/A Australian Institute of CriminologyRFT
Water Systems Maintenance and Testing26 Sep 229 Sept, Australian Parliament HouseDepartment of Parliamentary ServicesRFT
Department of Home Affairs: Overseas Service Delivery PartnersExtended to 13 Oct 22Available online from 15 July Department of Home AffairsRFT
Federal Government Department – Leasing Opportunity Adelaide30 Sep 22N/ADepartment of Home AffairsEOI
Terminal Instrument Flight Procedures (TIFP) Validation and Revalidation Services4 Oct 22TBCCivil Aviation Safety AuthorityRFT
Request for Proposal - Leased Office Accommodation - Newcastle4 Oct 22N/A stralian Taxation OfficeRFP
Mannequin Fabrication Services10 Oct 22TBCAustralian War MemorialRFT
Drinking Water Devices18 Oct 2219 Sept, Online Australian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT

Transport (Air, Sea, Land)

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
DITC Transport and Reception Services 202329 Sep 2225 Aug, Laverton BarracksDefence - DSRGRFT

Multi-Use Lists

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Invitation to provide Day Procedure Centre Services to the Veteran Community30 Jun 24N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Private Hospital Services30 Jun 24N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Supply of Medical Grade Footwear to eligible persons30 Jun 24N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Digital Marketplace Panel23 Feb 23N/ADigital Transformation AgencyMUL

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