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Grants Consultancy Launching Soon!

Launching Engineering Community!

On November 6 we will be launching our sister business – Engineering Community.

Engineering Business was founded in 2016 primarily to assist Small to Medium Businesses compete for government contracts and win. Over the last six years our services have expanded to provide a one stop shop for government tenders – sourcing tenders, developing tenders, managing successful contracts and providing across the board advice and services on strategy, compliance and systems engineering to ensure our clients put their best foot forward – every time.

Having the good fortune to work with clients that are innovative, creative and community focussed has led us down the path of seeking grant funding to support new cutting-edge ideas and projects that transform communities – and there lies the genesis of ‘Engineering Community’.

Engineering Community is all about the grants space, where to find them, how to apply and how to stay on top of all the related governance (read ‘paperwork’!).

Grants, unlike tenders, are all about buckets of money to solve real world problems. Everything from unemployment to sustainability, from increasing female founded businesses to increasing the commercialisation of R&D. Where someone has identified a gap, someone has identified a bucket of money to solve it. So, if you have a great idea, a new piece of revolutionary tech, a program that can change lives, and just need some funding to get it off the ground – then talk to us.

Engineering Community is all about supporting opportunities that grow communities.

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