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This Week’s Highlight: SafeSport Hotline

Sport Integrity Australia seeks a suitable supplier of a response and support service for callers to the dedicated SafeSport Hotline.

The hotline allows people to report integrity issues in sport ranging from doping and corruption to sexual misconduct and racial and cultural issues.

Callers may have experienced, or be experiencing, significant trauma or distress as a result of the events they have suffered or witnessed. They may report their concerns anonymously.

This Request For Tender is for support for callers to the existing dedicated 1800 number between the hours of 7am and 7pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Operating staff must have relevant qualifications and experience in engaging with callers impacted by trauma. They must also hold a current Police check and a Working With Children/Vulnerable People accreditation and have a minimum Baseline level security clearance or can obtain it.

It is anticipated the call line may receive about 250 to 300 calls a year.

The winning tenderer will provide a call-back service within 30 minutes where a call is unanswered between 7am and 7pm or within the first six hours of the next working day where a call is unanswered outside operating hours.

Where necessary, the support refers callers to specialist services. This includes referring critical/high-risk matters to the relevant law enforcement agencies and/or child protection agencies.

To ensure adequate staffing structures, the following examples enable potential suppliers to understand the calls the SafeSport Hotline may receive.

Example 1

A parent calls to talk about verbal abuse their child received from spectators.

Example 2

An athlete calls to discuss the way their coach talks to them. They explain the coach often uses inappropriate language that intimidates them and makes them feel unsafe.

Example 3

A former athlete calls to outline their story of historical sexual abuse as a minor from a member of their sporting organisation.

Example 4

An athlete calls because they have not been selected for a team and believe the coach has an agenda against them.

Example 5

An anonymous individual calls to report allegations of doping by an athlete.

The initial contract is for 12 months with an option to extend for up to two years. The proposed start date is 15 June 2023.

The closing time and date for responses is 2pm ACT local time on 8 May 2023.

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