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Australian Defence Aerial Surveillance Program Launched by TSC

US based military developing tech company, Technology Service Corporation (TSC), engaged Engineering Business to work with them on their successful bid for the $10 million aerial surveillance contract with Department of Defence.

This contract is part of the $2 billion Pacific Maritime Security Program and will provide civilian aerial surveillance services to protect the Central and Western Pacific region from illegal fishing and transnational crime.

With over 50 years working on national security technology programs for the US Defence, TSC sought Engineering Business specifically for their experience in Department of Defence tenders and Australian government procurement.

Michael Syracuse, President and CEO of TSC said ‘I make special note of the Australian Industry Capability plan that we submitted. You (Engineering Business) were the principal author of that volume. It is an excellent product that was of key importance to the government during their evaluation of our tender.’

Working with the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), TSC has previously provided aerial surveillance support to the Pacific region. Engineering Business ensured TSC’s specialised security experience within this region was well documented throughout the two-stage tender process as well as their operational readiness to deploy to the region at short notice.

‘You (Engineering Business) were a key member of our team. From the outset, your subject matter expertise helped TSC understand the contractual and business requirements of working for the Department of Defence. The consulting advice that you provided helped translate our maritime surveillance experience in the Pacific into a responsive tender that was tailored to Defence’s requirements.’

Michael Syracuse, President & CEO, Technology Service Corporation.

With its extensive experience in Defence tenders spanning over 17 years, Engineering Business can support your tender process highlighting your organisations’ value in alignment with Australian Industry development and Defence priorities.

Engineering Business: changing the landscape of Defence Industry one company at a time.



Photo – TSC’s King Airplane to be used as part of Pacific program later this year

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