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This Week’s Highlight: National Anti-Racism Framework

As discussion heats up across the nation regarding The Voice referendum, the Federal Government is funding a National Anti-Racism Strategy over the next four years. As part of the strategy, the Australian Human Rights Commission is rolling out a National Anti-Racism Framework project, which includes far-reaching consultations with First Nations peoples. The consultations will form part of the next phase of the framework development, alongside the progression of multicultural community consultations and priority technical issues.

To support this activity, the Australian Human Rights Commission has issued a Request for Tender (RFT) seeking suitable suppliers to conduct Nationwide First Nations Consultation, and to collate and present the findings. The report will inform the human rights commission’s National Anti-Racism Framework project, which will stand as a central reference point for government, NGOs, business, and communities.

The goals of the consultations are to:

· place the voices of First Nations peoples at the centre of discussions about a National Anti-Racism Framework

· build a national picture of the priorities of First Nations communities as they relate to a National Anti-Racism Framework

· identify community-based anti-racism ideas and solutions, including good practice initiatives

· provide the commission with findings applicable to the development of actionable policy interventions.

The supplier will consolidate findings from the consultations and deliver them to the commission in a final report. The report will inform the strategies and actions the commission puts forward under a National Anti-Racism Framework.

The commission considers that to effectively provide the required services, potential suppliers in their response should:

· demonstrate an ability to approach consultations with a human-rights based, intersectional culturally safe, trauma-informed, and place-based (where possible) method

· display expertise in navigating the operating environment relating to anti-racism policy design and development in Australia

· prove access to, and established relationships with, First Nations community networks across the states and territories

· have the capacity to coordinate a consultation strategy across national networks

· be preferably a First Nations led supplier or have expertise in undertaking consultations with First Nations communities in the development of policy interventions

· have the capacity to ensure the inclusion of a diversity of voices in consultations

· demonstrate experience working with customers or partners to design and conduct consultations and deliver reports that closely align with customer or partner priorities

· display proven ability to consolidate consultation findings into a format applicable to the development of actionable policy interventions

· possess the knowledge to incorporate recommendations or plans from First Nations communities coming out of past relevant consultation processes from other government projects such as the Wiyi Yani Yu Thangani or Closing the Gap reports.

Consultations should provide an opportunity for a broad range of First Nations peoples to participate. The commission understands the scope of this service is ambitious and welcomes suggestions of alternative approaches, or solutions to resource constraints. It also welcomes quotes from multiple service providers working in partnership if such an arrangement allows potential suppliers to deliver the required services.

The contract will require the supplier to complete services before June 2024.

The closing time and date for responses is 5pm ACT local time on 29 September 2023.

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