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This Week in Government Tenders

This Week's Highlight - Digital Transformations

‘Digital Transformation’ has become one of the new corporate buzz phrases, and government is not exempt. Although lagging behind private industry, government departments are undergoing a range of ‘digital transformations’ to ensure they are taking advantage of current technology and preparing for upcoming advances – when budgets allow!

More frequently, when it comes to ICT, departments are approaching the market with Requests for Information, Requests for Proposals or Expressions of Interest, as an alternative to a standard Request for Tender. This usually implies the end product or the solution is unknown to government, and they are seeking industry expertise in the form of proposals or information. This detail is then converted to a Request for Tender. Alternatively, government may have a solution, but are unsure if it is acheivable, and so seek Expressions of Interest in order to guage the market.

This week, several departments have issued approaches to market which would acheive an overall digital transformation. Most of these transformations will require new software, or an upgrade to storage or servers, or the establishment/improvement of disaster recovery procedures. The most important aspect in responding to these requests is enuring you understand and address the final desired outcome. What new capability is required? what is the overall goal to be acheived? Where is this technology being implemented? Who are the final users?

The oppportunties issued this week include:
– Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA): RFT to refresh server and storage infrastructure to ensure they are ready to adopt new digital technologies.
– Defence: RFP to support their Deployed Network Capability which will involve not only maintenance but upgrades and obsolescence management.
– Defence: a notice of upcoming RFI for a Health Knowledge Management Solution aimed at providing ready access to health information both in country and when deployed.
– Finance: RFP for a hosting service for government web content that includes both a Content Management System and Hosting Service.

Industry Briefings are being held for some of these opportunities, and would be highly recommended as they will assist in understanding the context of the overall project.

If you are after specific advice on this topic or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us. You can also subscribe to this newsletter for weekly updates.

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Scherger - Electrical Mechanical Facility Upgrade8 Mar 1822 Feb 18, Mission River, QLDDefence - DSRG
Defence Intelligence Organisation Refurbishment and Upgrade, Russell Offices, ACT12 Mar 1821 Feb 18, Russell, ACTDefence - DSRG
Fire Safety Remediation Works at Russell & Majura, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)12 Mar 1828 Feb 18, Canberra, ACTDefence - DSRG
Darling Downs Sporting Facility Works13 Mar 182 Mar 18, Kelvinhaugh, QLDDefence - DSRG
HMAS Cairns Fuel Installation Works12 Mar 1821 Feb 18, HMAS Cairns, QLDDefence - DSRG
Demolition Works at Gallipoli Barracks, QLD14 Mar 1826 Feb 18, Enoggera, QLDDefence - DSRG
Building Refurbishments – Gallipoli Barracks, QLD15 Mar 1822 Feb 18, Enoggera, QLDDefence - DSRG
RAAF Richmond Landside Airside Fence & Londonderry Drop Zone Land Remediation16 Mar 1821 Feb 18, Richmond, NSWDefence - DSRG
Design Services Consultant for A9015 Armoured Fighting Vehicle Facilities Program22 Mar 18N/ADefence - DSRG


ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Notice for Pending RFI Release- JP2060 Phase 4 Health Knowledge Management (HKM) SolutionNotice - Pending RFI releaseN/ADefence - CASG
Notice - Supply of the Support, Enhancement and Maintenance of the Personal Property Securities Register SystemNotice - RFT release delay to Apr/Jun 18N/AAustralian Financial Security Authority
Core Services and Networking Managed Services Agreement(s) Pre-release NoticeNotice - RFT release delay to Apr/Jun 18N/AEnvironment and Energy
Notice - Satellite Ground Station as a Service (SGSaaS)NoticeN/AGeoscience Australia
Digital Technology Infrastructure Refresh5 Mar 18N/AAustralian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
A18/006 - Stage 1C - Technology One Asset Module Advanced Build, Training & Support Services7 Mar 18N/ANational Capital Authority
Request for Proposal for support of Deployed Network Capability21 Mar 188 Feb 18, Canberra, ACTDefence - CASG
Request for Information Worker’s Compensation Claims Management System21 Mar 18N/AComcare
EOI for Design and Build – Intranet on SharePoint21 Mar 18N/AReserve Bank of Australia
Hosting services for a whole of government web content management service (govCMS)21 Mar 1828 Feb 18, Canberra, ACTFinance


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Notice for Pending RFI Release- JP2060 Phase 4 Health Knowledge Management (HKM) SolutionNotice- Pending RFI releaseN/ADefence-CASG
ADF Laboratory Testing Services16 Mar 1819 Feb 18, Sydney, NSWDefence-DSRG
Request for Proposal for support of Deployed Network Capability21 Mar 188 Feb 18 , Canberra, ACTDefence-CASG
HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) Services Panel29 Mar 1813 Dec 17, Canberra, ACTDefence-DSRG
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for SubmissionsOngoingN/ADefence-DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Provision of Islamic Awareness Workshops16 Mar 18N/AAustralian Federal Police

Scientific/Environmental Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Optimising mungbean yields - Project B - Improving mungbean irrigation management16 Mar 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
Optimising mungbean yields - Project C - Determining the factors influencing mungbean yield16 Mar 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
Optimising mungbean yields - Project D - Optimising yield through regionally specific mungbean agronomy16 Mar 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
ADF Laboratory Testing Services16 Mar 1819 Feb 18, Sydney NSWDefence - DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI Loan Assessment and Management Services5 Mar 18N/AAgriculture and Water Resources
Fuel Price Data7 Mar 18N/AAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission
A18/004 - Stages 1A & 2A - Integrated Asset Register Development7 Mar 18N/ANational Capital Authority
A18/005 - Stages 1B - Asset Management Governance, Strategy & Framework7 Mar 18N/ANational Capital Authority


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Architectural Design Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Engineering (Civil and Hydraulic) Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Program Management Services for SDIP27 Mar 18N/AAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Defence Business Maturity Framework13 Mar 18N/AIndustry, Innovation and Science
Australia Pacific Climate Change Action Program (APCCAP) Support Unit15 Mar 1815 Feb 18, Canberra, ACTEnvironment and Energy
Provision of Professional Conference Organiser Services to the Australian Antarctic Division16 Mar 182 Mar 18, Kingston, TASEnvironment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Project Management Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Recruitment testing centre19 Mar 18N/AAustralian Federal Police


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Provision and Delivery of an Industry Best Practice Approach to GRDC’s GroundCover™ Product Series16 Mar 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation

Specialist & Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services (ACCESS)9 Mar 18N/AForeign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Automated Particle Characterisation System13 Mar 18N/ACSIRO
The Provision of Design Services to the Australia Council for the Arts16 Mar 18N/AAustralia Council
Panel Saw Equipment Services19 Mar 18N/AParliamentary Services

This newsletter captures all Commonwealth opportunities as issued on Austender with a minimum of 3 weeks remaining before RFT closing date. If you would like this newsletter emailed directly to your inbox subscibe at this link. If you are interested in a particular subject area across all government opportunities, Engineering Business can tailor a newsletter specifically for you. Please send us an email with your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to help. Engineering Business can assist you with all your government tendering requirements, from complete drafting to review, contact us to discuss further.

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