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This Week in Government Tenders

This week’s highlight: Engineers required for Future Submarine Program

Touted as the largest Defence procurement program in Australia’s history, the Future Submarine Program (FSP) is set to deliver a fleet of 12 submarines via French prime contractor Naval Group undertaking design and delivery in partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia as combat system integrator.

To support the design activities which have commenced, Defence is seeking to fill a range of platform engineering and technical roles in a ‘secondee’ arrangement located within the FSP offices in Adelaide. The Request for Tender (RFT) released this week, is looking for individuals to fill 19 positions that include project cost, electrical, mechanical, ship systems, threat assessment, signature and sea worthiness assurance engineers as well as technical support, human factors and configuration roles. The secondments are expected to commence around March/April 2018 and run through to 30 Jun 19 as an initial term. These secondments may be extended for up to a further 3 years.

This is the first of two similar RFTs, with the second to be released shortly seeking Combat Systems and Systems Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, Cost Schedule and Metrics Analysts, and Project Management secondment positions.

This RFT is due 18 Dec 17 and companies can bid for more than one position. The RFT submission requirements are relatively simple and are centred around the CV of the individual being put forward as potential secondees.If you are after specific advice on this tender or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us.

Closing Date18 Dec 17
Industry BriefN/A
DepartmentDefence - CASG

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Civil Construction works at Hastings, Victoria13 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
Construction of Main Defensive Position, Kapooka13 Dec 1721 Nov 17, Kapooka, NSWDefence - DSRG
Design & Construction of 7 Houses at Canterfield, Raceview QLD13 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
ITR - Managing Contractor for Macquarie Island Research Station Modernisation Project. 14 Dec 1723 Nov 17, Kingston, TASEnvironment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
Security Fence Upgrade Works, Lavarack Barracks QLD14 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Townsville, QLDDefence - DSRG
Edinburgh Minor New Works and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Power Works15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Amberley - Tank, Pipe and Building Works15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Amberley, QLDDefence - DSRG
Energy Efficiency Upgrade of Irrigation Control System at Australian Defence Force Academy, ACT15 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Training Area Emergency Vehicle Shelters, NSW, NT and QLD15 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Russell Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Works15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Russell, ACTDefence - DSRG
Holsworthy Barracks Water Infrastructure Works, Liverpool Military Area NSW15 Dec 175 Dec 17, Holsworthy, NSWDefence - DSRG
Building Remediation and Partial Demolition, Defence Science Technology Group, Edinburgh Defence Precinct, SA15 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
South Bandiana Training Infrastructure15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Wodonga, VICDefence - DSRG
Russell Defence Facilities Refurbishment, Canberra ACT15 Dec 175 Dec 17, Russell, ACTDefence - DSRG
RAAF Base Amberley & AP6 Fire Works15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Amberley, QLDDefence - DSRG
Residual Current Device Priority 3 Compliance Work South Australia15 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Adelaide, SADefence - DSRG
Building and Fence Works at Townsville Bases, QLD15 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Townsville, QLDDefence - DSRG
Bindoon Range Works, WA15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Bindoon, WADefence - DSRG
Range Floor Upgrade at Royal Australian Air Force Base, Edinburgh SA15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) Edinburgh Security Works15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
RAAF Electrical Infrastructure Lighting Protection to Buildings, Edinburgh SA15 Dec 176 Dec 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Pump Pit access way and gantry works and Electrical works at RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Newcastle electrical works building/plant room 536 – upgrade electrics and air conditioning system15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Williamtown, NSWDefence - DSRG
RAAF Base Wagga SPS Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) Site Relocation15 Dec 1721 Nov 17, RAAF Wagga, NSWDefence - DSRG
Accommodation Building Refurbishment at Campbell Barracks, WA15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Campbell Barracks, WADefence - DSRG
Electrical Infrastructure Works at RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Community Centre Works at Campbell Barracks and Irwin Barracks WA15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Swanbourne, WADefence - DSRG
Construction Services for Australian Animal Health Laboratory Receiving Building, Geelong18 Dec 17N/ACSIRO
Project Director for Reconstruction of the Australian Chancery Washington DC19 Dec 17N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
Design and Construction of 30 houses at Tulip Street Yamanto QLD20 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
Design Services Contract - AIR7000 Phase 2B - Airside Works - RAAF Darwin, NT21 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Darwin, NTDefence - DSRG
Managing Contractor Contract – RAAF Tindal Redevelopment and USFPI Airfield Works21 Dec 1729 Nov 17, Tindal, NTDefence - DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Supply and Installation of a Capillary electrophoresis System (CE)18 Nov 17N/AHealth
Supply and Install Ultra/High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems and Associated Services3 Jan 18N/AHealth
Establishment of a Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel31 Jan 18To be held in each state during Nov, refer to TGA websiteHealth

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Notice - Supply of the Support, Enhancement and Maintenance of the Personal Property Securities Register SystemNotice1 Dec 17, CanberraAustralian Financial Security Authority
Provision of sentencing and digitisation of corporate files15 Dec 17N/AClean Energy Regulator
EOI -Contract Management System18 Dec 17N/AReserve Bank of Australia
RFI - Implementation of AASB 1620 Dec 17N/AFinance
Data Management Platform21 Dec 17N/ABureau of Meteorology
Master Data Management Software, Support and Professional Services9 Jan 18N/AAustralian Criminal Intelligence Commission


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Provision of Secondees within the SEA 1000 Future Submarine Program18 Dec 17N/ADefence-CASG
Technical Trades Training for Army19 Dec 172-3 Nov 17, Bandiana, VicDefence-DSRG
Invitation To Register for a Strategic Military Survey Capability19 Jan 17N/ADefence-CASG
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for SubmissionsOngoingN/ADefence-DSRG

Education & Training

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Executive Coaching Services15 Dec 17N/AAirservices Australia
ParentsNext 2018-202118 Dec 17N/AEmployment
Technical Trades Training for Army19 Dec 172-3 Nov 17, Bandiana, VictoriaDefence - DSRG
Independent Review of the Validation of the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool19 Dec 17N/AEducation and Training
Greenhouse and Energy Audit Assurance Training22 Dec 17N/AClean Energy Regulator
Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC)8 Jan 182 Nov 17, Canberra, ACTForeign Affairs and Trade

Professional Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Douglas Shoal Remediation pre-release noticeNoticeLate Jan/Feb 18, BrisbaneGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Provision of Hazardous Area Professional Electrical Engineering Support13 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Provision of Services relating to Internal Audit15 Dec 17N/AAustrade
National Residential and Development Valuations Panel 201818 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
Employment Facilitator services for the North Queensland Region18 Dec 171 Dec 17 via teleconferenceEmployment
Employment Facilitator services for the North and North West Tasmania Region18 Dec 171 Dec 17 via teleconferenceEmployment
Employment Facilitator services for North/West Melbourne Region18 Dec 171 Dec 17 via teleconferenceEmployment
Communication Campaign for the National Construction Code18 Dec 17N/AIndustry, Innovation and Science
Provision of Airborne Gravity Services18 Dec 17N/AGeoscience Australia
Professional Services - Property and Construction18 Dec 17N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
Project Director for Reconstruction of the Australian Chancery Washington DC19 Dec 17N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
Architectural services for the National Museum of Australia19 Dec 17N/ANational Museum of Australia
Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable (Solar) Energy – Northern Territory19 Dec 1720 Nov 17, Canberra, ACT. 29 Nov 17, Darwin, NT.Defence - DSRG
Provision of internal audit and advisory services20 Dec 17N/ASenate
Australia Awards in-Australia Business Processing Support (IABP)8 Jan 1827 Nov 17, Canberra, ACTDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Emerging Markets Impact Investment Fund - Investment Manager8 Jan 18Dec 17, Singapore, details TBCDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Australian Sports Partnership Program15 Jan 18N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Framework for Australian Marine Parks18 Jan 18N/ANational Parks
EOI - Provision of High Voltage Electrical Engineering Support Services31 Jan 18N/AAustralian Electoral Commission
Contractor Services Panel for ORIC31 Jan 18N/APrime Minister and Cabinet

Specialist & Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
The Provision of Vehicle Rental Services for the Australian Government14 Dec 17N/AFinance
Document Examination Equipment15 Dec 17N/AImmigration and Border Protection
SAR Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft Panel15 Dec 17N/AAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
Detector Dog Transportation Services18 Dec 17Site Inspection on 5 Dec 17Agriculture and Water Resources
Transportation of Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) vehicles20 Dec 17N/AAirservices Australia
Workstations, including related office furniture, marketing products and loose furniture20 Dec 17N/AHuman Services
Supply and Install Ultra/High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems and Associated Services3 Jan 17N/AHealth
RFQ - Post Metal Fence17 Jan 18N/ADefence - CASG

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