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This Week in Government Tenders
This Week in Government Tenders
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This Week in Government Tenders

This week’s highlight: Another wave of Defence Infrastructure Upgrades

As we approach the end of the year, a huge number of Requests for Tender (RFTs) hit the streets in an effort to tie up lose ends. This week Department of Defence has issued 22 RFTs as part of the rolling infrastructure upgrade program. These RFTs cover a broad range of requirements and are all due for submission before the year ends. This represents an opportunity for new players to enter the market and compete for some of this work which includes building refurbishments, security, electrical and fire safety system upgrades. The work is also distributed nationally with opportunities, in Western Australia, Queensland, NT and a large number in South Australia and the Shoalhaven region in NSW.

As noted in previous posts, unlike the standard construction project, Defence has some specific requirements that tenderers should make themselves familiar with. Aspects such as security, heritage and operational requirements can affect both cost and schedule as well as a Defence tailored contracting template that needs to be considered.

More information about bidding on these types of tenders can be found at this link.

If you are after specific advice on these tenders or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us.

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Treasury Building Base Building Refurbishment Managing Contractor24 Nov 17N/AFinance
Point Quobba Remediation Project7 Dec 1716 Nov 17, Pt Quobba, WA - MandatoryAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
Defence Science Technology Group (DSTG) Edinburgh General Building Maintenance7 Dec 1717 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SAAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
National Lighting Replacement, QLD11 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Keswick Building Maintenance Works11 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Keswick, SADefence - DSRG
Range Facility Maintenance, Jervis Bay ACT11 Dec 1729 Nov 17, Jervis Bay, NSWDefence - DSRG
Remediation of Fire Systems and Sewer Rising Main for Irwin Barracks and Hydrant System Data update for HMAS Stirling, WA11 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Perth, WADefence - DSRG
Bandiana Civil Works11 Dec 1723 Nov 17, Bandiana, VicDefence - DSRG
Heritage Building Preservation Works at Victoria Barracks Melbourne and Williamstown Depot, Victoria11 Dec 171 Dec 17, Melb, VicDefence - DSRG
Waste Transfer Station, Field Training Area, Townsville QLD11 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Townsville, QLDDefence - DSRG
Head Contractor Services for the Lake Water Project11 Dec 1720 Nov 17, Canberra, ACTParliamentary Services
Refurbishment of Sewage Ponds 1 and 4 at RAAF Base Pearce WA11 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Bullsbrook, WADefence - DSRG
Shoalhaven Electrical Infrastructure Works, NSW and ACT11 Dec 1723 Nov 17, Jervis Bay, NSWDefence - DSRG
HMAS Stirling Pool Air Source Heat Pump, WA11 Dec 1724 Nov 17, Garden Island, WADefence - DSRG
HMAS Albatross Building Works, NSW11 Dec 1723 Nov 17, Nowra, NSWDefence - DSRG
Dental Facility Replacement, HMAS Albatross NSW12 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Nowra, NSWDefence - DSRG
Residual Current Device Priority 3 Compliance Work South Australia12 Dec 1729 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Edinburgh General Internal and External Building Maintenance12 Dec 1722 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Civil Construction works at Hastings, Victoria13 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
Construction of Main Defensive Position, Kapooka13 Dec 1721 Nov 17, Kapooka, NSWDefence - DSRG
Design & Construction of 7 Houses at Canterfield, Raceview QLD13 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
ITR - Managing Contractor for Macquarie Island Research Station Modernisation Project. 14 Dec 1723 Nov 17, Kingston, TASEnvironment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
Security Fence Upgrade Works, Lavarack Barracks QLD14 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Townsville, QLDDefence - DSRG
RAAF Base Amberley & AP6 Fire Works15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Amberley, QLDDefence - DSRG
Residual Current Device Priority 3 Compliance Work South Australia15 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Adelaide, SADefence - DSRG
Building and Fence Works at Townsville Bases, QLD15 Dec 1727 Nov 17, Townsville, QLDDefence - DSRG
Bindoon Range Works, WA15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Bindoon, WADefence - DSRG
Range Floor Upgrade at Royal Australian Air Force Base, Edinburgh SA15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) Edinburgh Security Works15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
RAAF Electrical Infrastructure Lighting Protection to Buildings, Edinburgh SA15 Dec 176 Dec 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Pump Pit access way and gantry works and Electrical works at RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Newcastle electrical works building/plant room 536 – upgrade electrics and air conditioning system15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Williamtown, NSWDefence - DSRG
RAAF Base Wagga SPS Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) Site Relocation15 Dec 1721 Nov 17, RAAF Wagga, NSWDefence - DSRG
Accommodation Building Refurbishment at Campbell Barracks, WA15 Dec 174 Dec 17, Campbell Barracks, WADefence - DSRG
Electrical Infrastructure Works at RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia15 Dec 1730 Nov 17, Edinburgh, SADefence - DSRG
Community Centre Works at Campbell Barracks and Irwin Barracks WA15 Dec 171 Dec 17, Swanbourne, WADefence - DSRG
Construction Services for Australian Animal Health Laboratory Receiving Building, Geelong18 Dec 17N/ACSIRO
Design and Construction of 30 houses at Tulip Street Yamanto QLD20 Dec 17N/ADefence Housing Australia
Design Services Contract - AIR7000 Phase 2B - Airside Works - RAAF Darwin, NT21 Dec 1728 Nov 17, Darwin, NTDefence - DSRG
Managing Contractor Contract – RAAF Tindal Redevelopment and USFPI Airfield Works21 Dec 1729 Nov 17, Tindal, NTDefence - DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Design and Implementation of a Trial of Psychiatric Assistance Dogs as an Adjunct to Treatment for Veterans with PTSD11 Dec 17N/AVeterans’ Affairs
Establishment of a Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel31 Jan 18To be held in each state during Nov, refer to TGA websiteHealth

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Notice - Supply of the Support, Enhancement and Maintenance of the Personal Property Securities Register SystemNotice1 Dec 17, CanberraAustralian Financial Security Authority
Infrastructure as a Service, Network, Telephony and Managed Service System Requirements11 Dec 17N/AAustralian Council for the Arts
End User Support Services for National Deskside Support, Service Desk, and Service Integration Management Services11 Dec 17Previously heldDefence - DSRG
Provision of Meeting Room Audio Visual Services6 Dec 17N/AReserve Bank of Australia
ACNC Systems Integration Services8 Dec 17N/AAustralian Taxation Office
Hosted Learning Management System - Moodle11 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Voice, Mobile and Data Services11 Dec 17N/AAustralian National Maritime Museum
Provision of sentencing and digitisation of corporate files15 Dec 17N/AClean Energy Regulator
RFI - Implementation of AASB 1620 Dec 17N/AFinance
Data Management Platform21 Dec 17N/ABureau of Meteorology
Master Data Management Software, Support and Professional Services9 Jan 18N/AAustralian Criminal Intelligence Commission


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
ADF Deployable Health CapabilityExtended - 30 Nov 17Previously heldDefence-CASG
Technical Trades Training for Army19 Dec 172-3 Nov 17, Bandiana, VicDefence-DSRG
Invitation To Register for a Strategic Military Survey Capability19 Jan 17N/ADefence-CASG
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for SubmissionsOngoingN/ADefence-DSRG

Education & Training

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
ParentsNext 2018-202118 Dec 17N/AEmployment
Technical Trades Training for Army19 Dec 172-3 Nov 17, Bandiana, VictoriaDefence - DSRG
Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC)8 Jan 182 Nov 17, Canberra, ACTForeign Affairs and Trade

Professional Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Douglas Shoal Remediation pre-release noticeNoticeLate Jan/Feb 18, BrisbaneGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Air Services in the Gulf Country under the Australian Government’s Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme7 Dec 177 Nov 17, Mt Isa, QLDInfrastructure and Regional Development
Aerodrome Advisory Services Panel11 Dec 17N/AInfrastructure and Regional Development
Master Media Agency Services for the Australian Government11 Dec 17N/AFinance
Evaluation of Learning Outcomes12 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Provision of Hazardous Area Professional Electrical Engineering Support13 Dec 17N/ADefence - DSRG
Provision of Services relating to Internal Audit15 Dec 17N/AAustrade
Provision of Airborne Gravity Services18 Dec 17N/AGeoscience Australia
Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable (Solar) Energy – Northern Territory19 Dec 1720 Nov 17, Canberra, ACT. 29 Nov 17, Darwin, NT.Defence - DSRG
Australia Awards in-Australia Business Processing Support (IABP)8 Jan 1827 Nov 17, Canberra, ACTDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
Emerging Markets Impact Investment Fund - Investment Manager8 Jan 18Dec 17, Singapore, details TBCDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
EOI - Provision of High Voltage Electrical Engineering Support Services31 Jan 18N/AAustralian Electoral Commission

Specialist & Miscellaneous Goods & Services

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