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This Week’s Highlight: Construction Continues

While many industries are shutting down, there are key services such as health, supply chain and government services that certainly aren’t. These services are essential for lives and livelihoods during this crisis and will continue to employ and operate. Additionally, while we are not in complete lock down, industries such as civil works, building and construction can maintain some level of momentum.

Construction sites may not be buzzing with as many workers due to social distancing measures, but projects can still progress. This is reflected in the tendering space where a large portion of Requests for Tender (RFT) that remain active and that are still being released are for construction related projects. This is reflected in Commonwealth and state based tenders where the trend extends to transport and infrastructure projects. With the majority of this work due for commencement in 4-6 months, maintaining momentum on these RFTs will ensure these projects are well placed to assist economic growth at a time when the country will be ready to restart.

So if you are in the building/construction/civil works industry, a few points to note when considering related RFTs:

Closing Dates are Changing: As company workflows become disjointed with staff separation, government is extending the closing date of many RFTs. So keep a look out for addendum. Note not all RFTs are being extended!

Industry Briefs/Site Visits: With RFT extensions comes changes in industry briefs. Keep a look out for variations in dates and arrangements for these briefs and site inspections, many of which are being held remotely/virtually, or via one on one meetings. If a site inspection is no longer being held on site, you will need to be extra careful with your due diligence to ensure that you have sufficient information to undertake pricing and assess the risks. Ask for photos/videos and past inspection data that may assist you.

Questions: Closing dates for questions will be extended with an RFT extension, so be sure to inform your bid team. Use this time wisely and ensure you obtain all the clarification you need, particularly if you no longer have access to a site visit.

Defence Estate Specifics: The majority of Commonwealth tenders in this space are issued by Defence for the upgrade of establishments and facilities across the country. Working on a Defence construction project has its peculiarities, so there are a few items you need to be aware of when tendering, such as security, heritage and operational requirements. More information can be found here.

There is still plenty of activity in the tendering space, so if you are after further advice on this topic or any opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us. You can also subscribe to this newsletter for regular weekly updates.

Building, Construction and Civil Works

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ASMTI Project near Greenvale, North Queensland - Market Sounding of Early Works ContractorsNoticeTBCDefence - DSRGNotice
Defence Airfields Update 001 – Notice – P0008 RAAF Base Williamtown – ProcurementNotice21 Apr 20, TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
N2269 Nulka Active Missile Decoy (ADM) Assembly and Maintanance FacilityNotice8 May 20, TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
HMAS Stirling Diamantina Wharf Works, WAExtended to 14 Apr 2012 Mar 20, HMAS Stirling, Garden Island WADefence - DSRGRFT
Lombrum Infrastructure Project (Main Works) - Head Contract (HC International 2020) (Construct Only)Extended to 15 Apr 20N/ADefence - DSRGEOI
Training Facility Works, Bindoon Military Training Area, WAExtended to 20 Apr 206 Mar 20, Bindoon Military Training Area WADefence - DSRGRFT
Invitation for Expressions of Interest – Coombs Renewal Project14 Apr 20N/AReserve Bank of AustraliaEOI
Fitout Services for Pullenvale Block R NorthExtended to 15 Apr 2013 Mar 20, CSIRO Pullenvale QLDCSIRORFT
Townsville Field Training Area (TFTA) 3-Year Road Works (Year 1), QLD15 Apr 203 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
Kapooka Range Refurbishment at Blamey Barracks, NSW17 Apr 2026 Mar 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
Warehouse Building Works at East Bandiana, VIC.17 Apr 2019 Mar 20, Wadsworth Barracks, Bandiana VICDefence - DSRGRFT
Central West Edinburgh Defence Precinct, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Edinburgh Secure Facilities SA17 Apr 2012 Mar 20, DST Edniburgh SADefence - DSRGRFT
Gallipoli Live In Accommodation (LIA) Fire Safety Works, QLD20 Apr 206 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
HMAS Cerberus Wharf Remediation Works, VIC24 Apr 2014 Apr 20 TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
Building Works at Blamey Barracks, NSW24 Apr 202 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
Building Works and Drainage Improvements at Latchford Barracks, VIC24 Apr 202 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Williamtown – 3 Control and Reporting Unit (CRU) Works, NSW27 Apr 2012 Mar 20, RAAF Williamtown NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Design and construct of 10 houses in Katherine East, NT27 Apr 20N/ADefence Housing AustraliaRFT
Holsworthy Barracks Living In Accommodation Refurbishment Works, NSW28 Apr 2014 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Richmond Building Security Upgrades, NSW30 Apr 202 Apr 20, RAAF Base Richmond NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Training Facility, Storage and Site Remediation at Puckapunyal, VIC30 Apr 2015 Apr 20, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
National Aircraft Pavement Maintenance Program 2020-2026 - Request for Tender - Medium Works ContractsExtended to 28 May 208 Apr 20, Canberra ACTDefence - DSRGRFT
Targetry Works at Puckapunyal Military Area, VIC8 May 2031 Mar 20 TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
A9067 - Invitation to Register Interest - Head Contract (HC-1 2003) (Construct Only) - Holsworthy MTR - LIA Upgrade8 May 20N/ADefence - DSRGEOI

ICT & Communications

Defence & National Security

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
SEA1442 Phase 5 - Maritime Tactical C3 Sub Program - Industry BriefNotice19 Feb 20, Brindabella Business Park ACTDefence - CASGBriefing
Joint Project (JP) 9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communications SystemNoticePostponedDefence - CASGBriefing
N2269 Nulka Active Missile Decoy (ADM) Assembly and Maintanance FacilityNotice8 May 20, TBCDefence - DSRGNotice
Capability Life Cycle Manager - Request for TenderExtended to 8 May 2016 Mar 20, Henderson WADefence - CASGRFT
Request for Information: Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Seaboat Australian Industry Capability (AIC) Study30 Apr 20N/ADefence - CASGRFI
Tier 1A Body Armour System22 May 20N/ADefence - CASGRFQ
LAND2097 Phase 4 Special Operations Rotary Wing29 May 20N/ADefence - CASGRFT
Counter Improvised Threat Grand Challenge Phase 2: Integration29 Jun 20N/ADefence - DSRGRFP
LAND 8140 Tranche 1 Deployable Force Infrastructure30 Jun 20N/ADefence - CASGRFT

Community Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of services for the Adult English Migrant Program Trials24 Apr 20Mar 20, Webinar TBCDepartment of Home AffairsRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Defence War College Academic AgreementNoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Review and Update Civics Education Resource Democracy Rules14 Apr 20N/AAustralian Electoral CommissionRFT

Engineering & Architecture

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Supply and Installation of Diesel Generators at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National ParkExtended to 14 Apr 20N/ADirector of National ParksRFT
Automated Die Pick-and-Place System1 Apr 20N/ADefence - DSRGRFQ


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
1800RESPECT phone and online counselling and information for people impacted by domestic, family and sexual violenceNotice20 Mar 20, TeleconferenceDepartment of Social ServicesNotice
Procurement of the Second National Eye Health Survey (NEHS2)16 Apr 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT
Independant Assessment Panel21 Apr 20N/AServices AustraliaRFT
Evaluation of the Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program28 Apr 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities

Management Advisory/Market Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Establishment of a Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance PanelExtended to 28 May 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT
ANCP ACCREDITATION SERVICES PANEL16 Apr 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT
Procurement of the Second National Eye Health Survey (NEHS2)16 Apr 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT
Due Diligence Services Panel17 Apr 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ARFFS Communications Dispatch Console and Voice Recording16 Apr 20N/AAirservices AustraliaRFI
Activity Based Funding Conference 202121 Apr 20N/AIndependent Hospital Pricing AuthorityRFT

Scientific/Environmental Research, Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Noise and Flight Path Monitoring Service and Noise Complaints and Information SolutionNoticeN/AAirservices AustraliaNotice
BRIGHT ADS Beamlines Photon Delivery System16 Apr 20N/AAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
Modelling Small-scale Technology Certificate creations and photovoltaic system and battery installations21 Apr 20N/AClean Energy RegulatorEOI
Effective use of diquat for late season weed seed set control of annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) in barley – WA Pilot22 Apr 20N/AGrains Research and Development CorporationRFT
Supply of Meteorological Instruments for the measurement of Temperature, Wind and Solar Radiation24 Apr 20N/ABureau of MeteorologyRFT
Southern Positioning Augmentation Network10 Jun 2031 Mar 20 OnlineGeoscience AustraliaRFT

MIscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of Workstations and Loose Furniture14 Apr 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT
Request for Tender for the Provision of National Security Services15 Apr 20N/AAirservices AustraliaRFT
Expression of Interest - Leased Office Accommodation - Canberra15 Apr 20N/AAustralian Taxation OfficeEOI
Security Management Services15 Apr 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and TradeRFT

Transport (Air, Sea, Land)

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
LAND2097 Phase 4 Special Operations Rotary Wing29 May 20N/ADefence - CASGRFT

Multi-Use Lists

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Supply of Medical Grade Footwear to eligible persons30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Invitation to provide Day Procedure Centre Services to the Veteran Community30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Private Hospital Services30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Department of Veterans’ Affairs Community Nursing Services Invitation30 Jun 21N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Digital Marketplace Panel23 Feb 22N/ADigital Transformation AgencyMUL

This newsletter captures all Commonwealth opportunities as issued on Austender with a minimum of 3 weeks remaining before RFT closing date. If you would like this newsletter emailed directly to your inbox subscribe at this link. If you are interested in a particular subject area across all government opportunities, Engineering Business can tailor a newsletter specifically for you. Please send us an email with your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to help. Engineering Business can assist you with all your government tendering requirements, from complete drafting to review, contact us to discuss further.

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