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This Week’s Highlight: Request for Executive Recruitment Services

Finding the right person for the job is a challenge for every organisation, government departments are no exception. What was once an internal function, recruitment services are now more commonly outsourced in an effort to utlise the industries expertise and resources. This week we look at an opportunity issues by Services Australia looking to establish a new Executive Recruitment panel to undertake executive search and recruitment services.

The requirement includes:

(a) Provision of Senior Executive recruitment management services, and executive search services including the ability to draw on extensive personal and professional networks, databases, industry and professional associations to supplement the field of candidates;

(b) Provision of psychometric testing and detailed candidate assessment of the results to the selection panel;

(c) Preparation of candidate information packs and advertising material;

(d) Responding to all enquiries and requests for information during the advertising period;

(e) Receipt and management of formal applications including reference checks, shortlisting candidates;

(f) Assist the selection panel in the shortlisting and interview process, including provide scribing support and preparing a comprehensive final report of interviewed candidates;

(g) Assist with the offer process.

The intention is to select up to 10 service providers with demonstrated experience being the highest weighted evaluation criteria. The proposed term of the contract is 3 years with options for 1 x 2 year extensions. The closing date for the RFT is 21st May 2021.

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Building, Construction and Civil Works

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ASMTI Project near Greenvale, North Queensland - Market Sounding of Early Works ContractorsNoticeTBCDefence - DSRGNotice
Defence Estate Policy Training WebinarsNotice24 Sep 20 and Every Thursday until 10 Dec 20, OnlineDefence - DSRGNotice
Port Hedland Channel Marker ProjectNoticeN/AAustralian Maritime Safety AuthorityNotice
LAND4503Ph1 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Replacement Project – Planned procurementNoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Duntroon Gymnasium and Rehabilitation Centre Refurbishment, ACT14 May 2119 April 21, RMC Duntroon ACTDefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Pearce Training Centre, WA17 May 215 May 21, RAAF Pearce WADefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Pearce Communications and Security Infrastructure Upgrades, WA17 May 2130 April 21, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Repaint20 May 216 May 21, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse WAAustralian Maritime Safety AuthorityRFT
Campbell High School Carpark - Construction Contract20 May 2122 Apr 21, Australian War Memorial ACTAustralian War MemorialRFT
Komiatum Barracks Refurbishment, QLD21 May 2130 Apr 21, Komiatum Barracks, Mackay QLDDefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Williamtown 3 Squadron (SQN) Works, NSW24 May 2111 May 21, RAAF Base Williamtown NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Puckapunyal Training Area 3 Year Road Works, VIC25 May 2127 April 21, Online and
30 Apr 21, Puckapunyal Training Area VIC
Defence - DSRGRFT

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Freight Consignment Information Systems use11 May 21N/ADepartment of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and CommunicationsRFT
The provision of an Enterprise Architecture Management System18 May 21N/AServices AustraliaRFT
Modernising Business Registers (MBR) Business Inbox Solution25 May 2127 Apr 21, OnlineAustralian Taxation OfficeRFT
ICTPA Refresh Request for Tender27 May 21TBCDefence - DSRGRFT

Defence & National Security

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
JP9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communication SystemNoticeTBC, OnlineDefence - CASGNotice
SEA1408 Phase 3 - Torpedo Self DefenceNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
SEA1408 Phase 3 - Torpedo Self Defence and Improved Anti-Submarine WarfareNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
JP9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communication SystemNotice29 Apr 21, OnlineDefence - CASGIndustry Briefing
Project SEA5012 Phase 1 – Integrated Undersea SurveillanceNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
SEA1350 Phase 3 - Maritime Underwater Tracking RangeExtended to 14 May 21N/ADefence - CASGRFT
Possible sale of S-70A-9 Black Hawk Aircraft and Associated Unique Inventory21 May 21April and May 21, QLD and NSWDefence - CASGDisposal of Assets
SEA1408-3 Surface Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability25 May 21Defence - CASGDefence - CASGRFI
Tier 1A Body Armour System18 Jun 21N/ADefence - CASGRFQ
RFT for Aviation Fire Vehicle22 Jun 2114 Apr 21, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT
JOINT 8190 Phase 1 - Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (DBFD) System23 Jun 2112 Feb 21, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT
Regional Maintenance Provider West Contract23 Jun 21N/ADefence - CASGRFT
JP9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communication System25 Oct 21TBCDefence - CASGRFT

Community Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Request for Information (RFI) for the design, development, delivery of the Intelligence Analyst learning experience12 May 21N/AOffice of National IntelligenceRFI
Command Support Training Contract28 May 21N/ADefence - DSRGRFT

Engineering & Architecture

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
National Memorial for Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse design competitionNoticeN/ANational Capital AuthorityNotice
Hydrogen Refueller Research Facility18 May 21N/ACSIRORFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of New Employment Services Model 2022NoticeN/ADepartment of Education, Skills and EmploymentNotice
Provision of Senior Executive Recruitment Services21 May 21N/AServices AustraliaRFT

Management Advisory/Market Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Industry Update – Management Advisory Services for the Australian GovernmentNoticeTBCDepartment of FinanceNotice
Australia-Papua New Guinea Economic Development Partnership (APEDP)13 May 21N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramEOI
Carbon Market Expert21 May 21N/AClean Energy RegulatorRFT
Evaluation and Support Services for ODA Procurement, Grant and Other Arrangements3 Jun 21N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Racism It Stops With Me Campaign18 May 21N/AAustralian Human Rights CommissionRFT

Scientific/Environmental Research, Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Current and potential costs of diseases and invertebrate pests in Australian grains13 May 21N/AGrains Research and Development CorporationRFT
Replacement of Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Instrument (SAXS)17 May 21N/AAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
National weed coordination and capability services17 May 21N/ADepartment of Agriculture, Water and the EnvironmentRFT
Species Expert Assessment Plans (SEAPs) Project17 May 21N/ADepartment of Agriculture, Water and the EnvironmentRFT

Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for the Australian Embassy at Washington DC, USA18 May 21N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and TradeEOI
National Guarding Services18 May 21N/AAustralian Taxation OfficeRFT
Supply of tyre replacements for ULFVs and associated services25 May 21N/AAirservices AustraliaRFQ

Transport (Air, Sea, Land)

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Notification to industry for RFT JLC20-001 in the 4th quarter of FY 2020/2021NoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
RFT for Aviation Fire Vehicle22 Jun 2114 Apr 21, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT

Multi-Use Lists

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Department of Veterans’ Affairs Community Nursing Services Invitation30 Jun 21N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Invitation to provide Day Procedure Centre Services to the Veteran Community30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Private Hospital Services30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Supply of Medical Grade Footwear to eligible persons30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Digital Marketplace Panel23 Feb 23N/ADigital Transformation AgencyMUL

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