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This Week’s Highlight: Offshore Patrol Vessel Life Cycle Support

When it comes to high frequency tendering activity, the Department of Defence would have to be up there as one of, if not the most, active agency. Besides the constant release of estate upgrade tenders, the maritime industry has see some big opportunities over the last 12 months. This week we look at the one of the puzzle pieces related to the OffShore Patrol Vessels (OPV) as Defence seeks a OPV Capability Life Cycle Manager (CLCM) for the platform. The CLCM will be required to undertake what is generally known as In Service Support or sustainment services in addition to governance during the acquisition phase, which is a role that aligns with Navy’s new Seaworthiness regulatory structure.

The term of the CLCM Contract will be a maximum of 7 years and will be split up into a number of phases. The first phase is the Assurance and Planning Phase (1 year), with the primary objective of ensuring the integrity of OPV Support System Technical Data. The second phase is the Acceptance and Delivery Phase (3 years), which includes acceptance of the initial tranche of OPVs into sustainment. The third phase is the In-Service and Delivery Phase (3 years), which involves the long-term stewardship of the OPV Capability. The CLCM will be located in and perform the services in Western Australia.

An industry briefing will be conducted on 16 March in Henderson WA and the RFT closes on the 24 Apr 20.

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Building, Construction and Civil Works

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ASMTI Project near Greenvale, North Queensland - Market Sounding of Early Works ContractorsNoticeTBCDefence - DSRGNotice
AZ6244 – Notice – New Training Area near Greenvale, North Queensland – ASMTI - Managing Contractor Contract (MCC)NoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Demolition and Removal of Aurora Kakadu South Alligator Infrastructure17 Mar 2027 Feb 20, Kakadu NTNational ParksRFT
Greenbank Training Area Range Compliance Works, QLD18 Mar 202 Mar 20, Greenbank Training Area QLDDefence - DSRGRFT
Wagga RAAF Base Fuel Station Demolition, NSW20 Mar 2026 Feb 20, RAAF Base Wagga NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Puckapunyal Building Demolition Military Area, VIC20 Mar 204 Mar 20, Puckapunyal Military Area VICDefence - DSRGRFT
Russell Building Upgrade, ACT20 Mar 204 Mar 20, Canberra ACTDefence - DSRGRFT
Head Contractor Kitchen Refurbishment20 Mar 202 Mar 20, Australian Parliament House ACTDepartment of Parliamentary ServicesRFT
Duntroon Alamein Block Refurbishments, ACT27 Mar 2012 Mar 20, RMC Duntroon ACT Defence - DSRGRFT
Central West Edinburgh Defence Precinct, Defence Science and Technology (DST) Edinburgh Secure Facilities SA27 Mar 2012 Mar 20, DST Edniburgh SADefence - DSRGRFT
HMAS Stirling Diamantina Wharf Works, WA27 Mar 2012 Mar 20, HMAS Stirling, Garden Island WADefence - DSRGRFT
Sporting Precinct Remediation and Upgrade Works Puckapunyal Military Area, VIC31 Mar 2011 Mar 20, Puckapunyal Military Area VICDefence - DSRGRFT
Training Facility Works, Bindoon Military Training Area, WA6 Apr 206 Mar 20, Bindoon Military Training Area WADefence - DSRGRFT
Kapooka Range Refurbishment at Blamey Barracks, NSW17 Apr 2026 Mar 20, Blamey Barracks NSWDefence - DSRGRFT

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
NOTICE - WHS Hazardous Chemicals Register Invitation To Register (ITR)NoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
JP9347 P1 - MTN-SP - Industry EngagementNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
Notice - Application Sustainment and Support Services for ETOB Invitation to Register (ITR)Notice22 Jan 20, Canberra ACTDefence - DSRGNotice
Provision of an Organisational Health Solution23 Mar 2026 Feb 20, Canberra, ACTAustralian Federal PoliceRFT
Request for Information - Radio Communications26 Mar 20N/AAirservices AustraliaRFI
Mainframe Workload Modernisation / Optimisation Request for Information30 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Home AffairsRFI

Defence & National Security

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Prime Vendor for Counter-CBRNENoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for SubmissionsNoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
JP9347 P1 - MTN-SP - Industry EngagementNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
SEA1442 Phase 5 - Maritime Tactical C3 Sub Program - Industry BriefNotice19 Feb 20, Brindabella Business Park ACTDefence - CASGBriefing
Joint Project (JP) 9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communications systemNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
Joint Project (JP) 9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communications SystemNotice2 Apr 20, Colorado, USA Mid-2020, AustraliaDefence - CASGBriefing
Personal Force Protection Electronic Countermeasures - Request for Information Land 154 Phase 417 Mar 20N/ADefence - CASGRFI
Capability Life Cycle Manager - Request for Tender24 Apr 2016 Mar 20, Henderson WADefence - CASGRFT
LAND2097 Phase 4 Special Operations Rotary Wing29 May 20N/ADefence - CASGRFT

Community Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Defence War College Academic AgreementNoticeN/ADefence - DSRGNotice
Education, learning and training services on business continuity, business interruption and disaster recovery planning17 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Industry, Innovation and ScienceRFT
Programs to build capability for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission20 Mar 20N/AAustradeRFT
Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2020-202324 Mar 20N/ADepartment of EducationRFT
Review and Update Civics Education Resource Democracy Rules26 Mar 20N/AAustralian Electoral CommissionRFT

Engineering & Architecture

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Industrial Polymer 3D Printing System17-Mar-20N/ADefence - DSRGRFQ
Australian National Botanic Gardens National Seed Bank Design27-Mar-20N/ADirector of National ParksRFT
Supply and Installation of Diesel Generators at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park31-Mar-20N/ADirector of National ParksRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
RFI Talent Consultancy Services23 Mar 20N/AAustralian Prudential Regulation AuthorityRFI

Management Advisory/Market Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Southeast Asia Infrastructure and Economic Governance Facility (SEAEGIF)23 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramEOI
Establishment of a Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel31 Mar 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT
Identity Verification, Financial, Asset and Income Search Services3 Apr 20N/AServices AustraliaRFT
PNG-Australia Transition to Health (PATH)6 Apr 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT
ANCP ACCREDITATION SERVICES PANEL16 Apr 20N/ADepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ARFFS Communications Dispatch Console and Voice Recording2 Apr 20N/AAirservices AustraliaRFI

Scientific/Environmental Research, Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
X-Ray Diffractometer (unE)17 Mar 20N/ADefence - DSRGRFQ
Thermal Vacuum Chamber18 Mar 20N/ADefence - DSRGRFQ
Request for Tender 2019-30115: Water Efficiency Program Delivery Partners Tender20 Mar 20N/ADepartment of AgricultureRFT
Turf Replacement and Soil Level Amendment23 Mar 2010 Mar 20, Australian Parliament House ACTDepartment of Parliamentary ServicesRFT
Chemostratigraphic analyses and interpretation23 Mar 20N/AGeoscience AustraliaRFT
Procurement of a Liquid Chromatography System with Mass Spectrometry Detector3 Apr 20N/ADepartment of HealthRFT

MIscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Personal Protective Equipment20 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Home AffairsRFT
Turf Replacement and Soil Level Amendment23 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Parliamentary ServicesRFT
RFT for the Supply of Security Services at the National Gallery of Australia23 Mar 202 Mar 20, National Gallery of Australia ACTNational Gallery of AustraliaRFT
Project Management Services23 Mar 20N/ADepartment of FinanceRFT
Request for Tender for the Provision of National Security Services15 Apr 20N/AAirservices AustraliaRFT

Transport (Air, Sea, Land)

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Remote Air Services24 Mar 20N/ADepartment of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional DevelopmentRFT
Unmanned Vessels for SAR - ROI27 Mar 20N/AAustralian Maritime Safety AuthorityEOI
LAND2097 Phase 4 Special Operations Rotary Wing29 May 20N/ADefence - CASGRFT

Multi-Use Lists

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Supply of Medical Grade Footwear to eligible persons30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Invitation to provide Day Procedure Centre Services to the Veteran Community30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Private Hospital Services30 Jun 20N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Department of Veterans’ Affairs Community Nursing Services Invitation30 Jun 21N/AVeterans’ AffairsMUL
Digital Marketplace Panel23 Feb 22N/ADigital Transformation AgencyMUL

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