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This Week in Government Tenders

This week’s highlights: Defence -ADF Deployable Health Capability

The long awaited ADF deployable health RFT has finally been released with a closing date of 9 Nov 17. A highly complex capability requirement has an equally complex tendering requirement to suit! Hence the 5 months tender preparation time frame. No one company will be able to deliver on the full requirement, so the timeframe is to allow for collaborative arrangements to be established that would meet the full scope of the contract.

The RFT calls for a completely deployable health facility that allows for 3 layers of healthcare: Primary, Triage (inc. surgery, labs, pharmacy) and Specialist (inc. surgery, diagnostics and lab). The solution needs to include physical structures, power, water, waste disposal facility, the generation, storage and distribution of oxygen and the supply and support of all medial and dental equipment. More importantly the solution needs to be modular, with the ability to evolve as health technology changes.

To deliver on this requirement is a two part contract that will require tenderers to respond against the acquisition phase (design, development, implementation) and the Support Phase. This opportunity will see the collaboration of many primes and SMEs as this highly competitive tender develops. With large tenders such as this the key aspects to remember are:

Cohesiveness – with so many parties involved in developing the solution, the tender needs to be consistent in its overall message and all the various parts of each volume need to logically flow in a cohesive manner.

Time – this is not a tender submission you want to rush. With both acquisition and support elements, this is close to submitting two full tenders with only minor items of overlap. So considerable time is required for drafting and final review.

Risk – With the complexity in this tender – you need to address all actual and perceived risks along the way throughout the documents. In this requirement government has shifted from a prescriptive solution, this means there are no detailed requirements and industry need to fill in the gaps. This increases the risk to government, so they will be strongly seeking a low risk option with no holes in the solution.

This RFT is a great opportunity to bring industry together to be innovative across a variety of disciplines. If you are after specific advice on this or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us.

Closing Date9 Nov 17
Industry Brief26 Jul 17 Melbourne
DepartmentDefence - CASG

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Market Sounding Notice - Macquarie Island Modernisation ProjectN/A Market sounding Notice22 Jun 17Environment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division
Grave Construction Services in Western Australia29 Jun 17N/AVeteran Affairs
Demolition & Refurbishment of Building 21 at RAAF Base Amberley, QLD30 Jun 1714 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Replacement of Padmount Substations at RAAF Amberley, QLD3 Jul 1719 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Road Maintenance Works, HMAS Harman, ACT3 Jul 1714 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Defence Fuel Installation Compliance Program in NSW, SA and QLD4 Jul 1716 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Electrical and Hydraulics Works at Victoria and Randwick Barracks, NSW4 Jul 1713 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Electrical and Hydraulics Works at Victoria and Randwick Barracks, NSW4 Jul 1713 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Toomelah Community Roads Upgrade5 Jul 1723 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Tully Combat Training Centre, Replacement Suspension Bridge and Stokes Litters5 Jul 177 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Cooling Towers Upgrade - Re-release5 Jul 17Contact POC for detailsNational Gallery of Australia
Electrical Infrastructure Works at RAAF Base Williamtown6 Jul 176 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Puckapunyal Army Living In Accommodation Refurbishment6 Jul 1721 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Ranges Civil Works at Puckapunyal & Graytown, Victoria7 Jul 1722 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Repairs to Roofs, Gutters and Downpipes at DSTG, Fishermans Bend and RAAF Williams Point Cook Victoria10 Jul 1721 Jun - Fisherman’s Bend, 22 Jun - Point CookDefence - DSRG
Security Upgrades at Multiple Defence Sites in Victoria12 Jul 1715 Jun - Surrey Hills Depot & Vic Barracks, 16 Jun - CerberusDefence - DSRG
Defence Science Technology Group Edinburgh – Refurbish Building L20613 Jul 1727 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
High Voltage Ring Main Cable Replacement at RAAF Amberley, QLD14 Jul 1719 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Lighting Upgrade at RAAF Base Pearce in Workshop 84, Hangar 93 and Hangar 12217 Jul 1721 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Diesel Storage Tanks and Spill Containment at RAAF Base Pearce WA17 Jul 1722 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Replace Three Substations at RAAF Base Amberley17 Jul 1719 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Irwin Barracks Refuelling Facility and Northam Tank Remediation WA17 Jul 1723 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Internal Painting and New Floor Finishes at Health Clinic and Temporary Demountable Work Facilities at HMAS Watson NSW17 Jul 1721 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
HMAS Cerberus Sewerage Pump Station Replacement Victoria25 Jul 1727 Jun 17Defence - DSRG


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Therapeutic Goods Assessment & Advisory Services PanelNotice of RFT to be released May 17N/AHealth
ADF Deployable Health Capability9 Nov 1726 Jul 17Health

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Committee Audio Recording Services29 Jun 17N/AParliamentary Services
Training Area Safety Communication System11 Jul 1713 Jun 17Defence - DSRG
Follow Me Print Solution13 Jul 17N/AAgriculture & Water Resources

Education & Training

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
RFP - Naval Shipbuilding College21 Jul 178 Jun 17Education & Training
EOI - Online Challenge Game build26 Jun 17N/AAustralian Communications and Media Authority


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Electronic Warfare Training System - NoticeNotice of RFT Release: July 17N/ADefence-CASG
Luggage29 Jun 17N/ADefence-CASG
Feature Extraction Standing Offer Panel29 Jun 17N/ADefence-ISG
RFI - Enhanced Industry Involvement in Defence Fuel Installation Management30 Jun 17 Date Extended15 May 17Defence-DSRG
Captive Carry Trials Helicopter Services30 Jun 1715Jun 17 inc. site tourDefence-CASG
Defence Innovation Hub - Call for Submissions30 Jun 17N/ADefence-CASG
Cummerbunds and Neckties3 Jul 17N/ADefence-CASG
RFP -Training Area Safety Communication System11 Jul 1713 Jun 17Defence-DSRG
Ship Management Contract for Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Protector18 Jul 176 Jun 17Defence-CASG
ADF Deployable Health Capability9 Nov 1726 Jul 17 (location TBA)Defence-CASG

Business & Management

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Develop and implement a communication and stakeholder engagement campaign30 Jun 17N/AAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Research & Reviews

Specialist & Miscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Provision of Catering Services27 Jun 17N/AReserve Bank of Australia
RFQ - Weighing Scales28 Jun 17N/ADefence-DSRG
Panel of Suppliers for the provision of International Freight Forwarding Services3 Jul 17N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
RFI - Long Range Air Traffic Flow Management11 Jul 178 Jun 17Air Services Australia
Trademark Defence Insurance21 Jul 1710 May 17IP Australia

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