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This Week in Government Tenders

This Week's Highlight - The ICT Hardware Marketplace

The Digital Transformation Agency has this week issued an approach to market to commence the establishment of ‘The Hardware Marketplace‘. The Hardware Marketplace is intended to allow a broad range of Australian Government and other approved entities to purchase certain hardware products and services under the one contracting arrangement. This procurement will supercede the ICT Hardware Panel and will expand on the categories of equipment and associated services made available to buyers. The hardware requirements have been categorised based on a consultation process with industry and potential buyers, with the intention to establish a seperate panel of suppliers for each category. The first category being sought is Category 1: Enterprise Storage.

Tenderers have the opportunity to bid on one or more sub categories as listed below, and must be able to demonstrate competence, capacity and past experience against a full sub category. The sub categories are:

– Direct Attached Storage (DAS);

– Network Attached Storage (NAS);

– Object Based Storage (OBS);

– Storage Area Network (SAN);

– Backup and Restore;

– Consumables and Ancillary; and

– Professional Services

There is currently no limit on the number of sellers that may be selected for any category or sub-category. Therefore as is the case with most panels, there is also no intention to negotiate any terms and conditions with any applicant. So it is important that you ensure your tender response does not pose any risks with compliance against the draft terms. Responses are due on the 11 June 2018 with an intention to execute agreements by mid July.

If you are after further advice on this topic or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us. You can also subscribe to this newsletter for regular weekly updates.

Building & Construction

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Provision of services for the Construction of the Chancery for the Australian Embassy at Washington DC, USAExtended to 30 May 18Held 27 Apr 18, details uploaded to AustenderForeign Affairs and Trade
EOI -Provision of services for the Construction of the Chancery for the Australian Embassy at Washington DC, USA30 May 1827 Apr 18, Washington DC, USAForeign Affairs and Trade
EOI -SEA1654 Phase 3 Maritime Operational Support Capability – Sydney Facility Works30 May 18EOI information to be requestedDefence - DSRG
Design and Construction of 8 houses at Baldivis WA1 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia
SEA1778 Phase 1 Deployable Mine Counter Measures – Maritime Works1 Jun 18To be held at HMAS Waterhen. Details released subject to Confidentiality AgreementDefence - DSRG
Wirraway Stage 5 Civil Works1 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia
Victoria Barracks Melbourne - Stormwater Infrastructure Works4 Jun 1818 May 18, Southbank VICDefence - DSRG
Melbourne East and South Fire Compliance Works4 Jun 1817 May 18, Oakleigh VIC, 18 May 18, Mount Waverley VIC, 21 May 18, Ringwood VICDefence - DSRG
Fire system remediation works at various Defence sites in NT5 Jun 1818 May 18, Berrimah NTDefence - DSRG
AIR555-1 & AIR7000 Ph1B - Request for Tender - Managing Contractor Contract (MCC-1 2003)7 Jun 1814 May 18, Adelaide. 15 May 18, DarwinDefence - DSRG
RMAF Butterworth DFI Maintenance Provider Re Tender15 Jun 1830 May 18, RMAF Butterworth,MalaysiaDefence - DSRG
Project 206 – Air Movements Facility, Port Moresby18 Jun 18N/ADefence - DSRG


ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Upgrade operational radio and PTT communicationsNoticeN/AAustralian Federal Police
Core Services and Networking Managed Services Agreement(s) Pre-release NoticeNotice - RFT release delay to Apr/Jun 18N/AEnvironment and Energy
In-space Components of an Australian Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS)NoticeN/AGeoscience Australia
COTS Client Management SolutionNoticeN/AAgriculture and Water Resources
COTS Workload Management SolutionNoticeN/AAgriculture and Water Resources
REOI for an Application Programming Interface Gateway and Management System30 May 18N/AComcare
REOI for the provision of an Investigation Management Solution30 May 184 May 18, Barton ACTAustralian Federal Police
National Relay Service31 May 189 Apr 18, Surry Hills NSW and 11 Apr 18, Melbourne VICCommunications and the Arts
Provision of maintenance and supply of data1 Jun 18N/AIndustry, Innovation and Science
NTP appliances and peripherals1 Jun 18N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
Enterprise Architecture as a Service4 Jun 18N/AAirservices Australia
Hardware Marketplace for supply of ICT Hardware, Infrastructure & Associated Services (Category 1: Enterprise Storage)11 Jun 18N/ADigital Transformation Agency
Superannuation Management System Replacement15 Jun 18Previously held, details can be accessed at



OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Architectural Design Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Engineering (Civil and Hydraulic) Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia

Scientific/Environmental Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Managing early season canola establishment pests in New South Wales30 May 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
Managing Weeds in Northern Grains30 May 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
Acquisition, Processing and Supply of Ground Gravity Data30 May 18N/AGeoscience Australia
Caretaking Services at Low Isles31 May 18N/AGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Provision of Profiling Floats for Argo5 Jun 18N/ACSIRO
Optimising sorghum yield through agronomic management7 Jun 18N/AGrains Research and Development Corporation
Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Purchase (Round 6)31 Jul 18N/AAgriculture and Water Resources


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
EOI - Provision of management of alumni services and an agricultural science researcher rewards and recognition program24 May 18N/AAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Request for Tender for the Provision of Defensive Driving Security Training Services31 May 18N/AForeign Affairs and Trade
Indonesia Maritime Safety technical Support Services5 Jun 18N/AAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
Services for the organisation of the National Schools Constitutional Convention 2019-202125 Jun 18N/AEducation and Training

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Agent Services4 Jun 18N/AHuman Services


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Indonesia Port State Control Capability and Needs Assessment5 Jun 18N/AAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
Indonesia Solid Bulk Cargoes Capability and Needs Assessment5 Jun 18N/AAustralian Maritime Safety Authority
Procurement of a Service Provider/s for Claims Management Services8 Jun 18May - date TBAComcare
ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking25 Jun 1821 May 18, BangkokForeign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
EOI - Specialised Consultancy Panel - Project Management Services30 Jun 18N/ADefence Housing Australia

MIscellaneous Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartment
Pre-RFT industry briefing: Retender Management of Relocations Admin and Removals Services for ADF and Defence CiviliansNotice17 May 18, ACTDefence - DSRG
Turf Maintenance Services at Springvale War Cemetery in Melbourne, Victoria31 May 18N/AVeterans’ Affairs
External records management services31 May 18N/AHuman Services
Provision of Civil Maintenance Services at Melbourne Metropolitan and Regional War Cemeteries in Victoria31 May 18N/AVeterans’ Affairs
Provision of a Corporate Uniform for COMCAR Staff31 May 18N/AFinance
Security Monitoring and Maintenance Services4 Jun 18N/AIndustry, Innovation and Science
Request for Expressions of Interest For Digital Health Test Beds6 Jun 18N/AAustralian Digital Health Agency
Condensing Boiler8 Jun 18N/AAustralian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Cloth, Flannel, Cotton, PlainExtended to 22 Jun 18N/ADefence - CASG

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