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This Week’s Highlight: Updates to the Defence SATCOM Program

This week we look at an update in direction for JP 9102, the Australian Defence Satellite Communication System. This project aims to deliver a system which will enable the joint command and control of deployed Joint Task Forces through resilient and responsive communications beyond the range and capacity of other communication systems. This week Defence issued a notice advising of a delay in RFT release date originally planned for this month, but now delayed by 4-6 weeks.

The Defence SATCOM system is expected to primarily cover an area of the globe taking in Australia, all of Southeast and East Asia bounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, running in a straight line along 90° to 160° East longitude, and 70° North and 60° South latitudes. Key requirements of the system include level flexibility, with the capability needing to be able to be reconfigured in response to both geopolitical and emerging operational circumstances; and to develop and adapt to changing technology, threats and operational needs over its lifetime. However initial advice that required Defence ownership of the system for compliance has changed, Defence are now open to considering non-Defence owned Satellites as an option.

A few key points to note for any potential tenderers:
– Defence’s core capability requirements will remain common to both satellite ownership models including the requirement for Defence control of the entire system
– Tender responses will be required to include a separate costed option for non-Defence ownership of the Satellites.
– The Project is releasing an RFT Data Pack to potential tenderers who have already complied with the requirements detailed in a previous AusTender Notice. Requirements included appropriate personnel, facilities and ICT security clearances, Third Party Retransfer authorisation obtained for relevant export controlled items and an Access Deed was correctly executed and returned to the Project.

An industry brief will be held following the release of the RFT, and an opportunity for one on one meetings with Prime Contractors. The delay in the RFT release is a good opportunity for interested companies to engage with potential primes and establish industry partnerships for the future procurement.

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Building, Construction and Civil Works

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
ASMTI Project near Greenvale, North Queensland - Market Sounding of Early Works ContractorsNoticeTBCDefence - DSRGNotice
Defence Estate Policy Training WebinarsNotice24 Sep 20 and Every Thursday until 10 Dec 20, OnlineDefence - DSRGNotice
Christmas Island Wharf Crane ReplacementExtended to 16 Mar 21N/ADepartment of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and CommunicationsRFT
Russell Executive Suites Refurbishment ACT19 Mar 2122 Feb 21, Russell, Canberra ACTDefence - DSRGRFT
Demolition and removal of B24 and Substation 119 Mar 2122 Feb 21, ANSTO, Lucas Heights NSWAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
Nirimba Fields - Civil Works22 Mar 21N/ADefence Housing AustraliaRFT
National Sea Simulator (SeaSim) Expansion Project22 Mar 21N/AAustralian Institute of Marine ScienceEOI
Moorabbin Control Tower HVAC Replacement22 Mar 2112 Mar 21, MoorabbinAirservices AustraliaRFT
Development of the East Core Precinct Landscaping Works – Stage 123 Mar 2124 Feb 21, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Acton ACTDirector of National ParksRFT
Holsworthy Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) Living in Accommodation (LIA) Works, NSW24 Mar 2111 Mar 21, Holsworthy Barracks NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Canungra DFSI Field Training Facility, QLD25 Mar 2111 Mar 21, Kokoda Barracks, Canungra QLDDefence - DSRGRFT
RAAF Amberley 9th Force Support Battalion (9FSB) Works, QLD29 Mar 2116 Mar 21, RAAF Amberley, Amberley, QLDDefence - DSRGRFT
Design Services Consultant for EST3025Ph2 Facilities to Support LAND3025 Phase 2 DSOEC30 Mar 219 Mar 21, OnlineDefence - DSRGRFT
HMAS Albatross Flight Deck Surface Refurbishment NSW30 Mar 2115 Mar 21, HMAS Albatross, Nowra Hill NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
External Development Management Consultancy Panel31 Mar 21N/ADefence Housing AustraliaRFT
Oakey Building B026 Refurbishment, QLD31 Mar 2111 Mar 21, Swartz Barracks, Oakey QLDDefence - DSRGRFT
Orchard Hills Substation Works, Orchard Hills NSW1 Apr 215 Mar 21, Orchard Hills, NSWDefence - DSRGRFT
Central Emergency Power Station and Substation Works at RAAF Base East Sale, VIC16 Apr 2117 Mar 21, TeleconferenceDefence - DSRGRFT

ICT & Communications

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Land 200 Phase 3 Battlefield Command System Update to Industry during MilCIS 2020NoticeOnlineDefence - CASGNotice
ARFFS Radio Communications Systems13 Apr 219 Mar 21, OnlineAirservices AustraliaRFP

Defence & National Security

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
JP9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communication SystemNoticeTBC, OnlineDefence - CASGNotice
SEA1408 Phase 3 - Torpedo Self DefenceNoticeN/ADefence - CASGNotice
Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer (DDG) SUPPLY CHAIN PROJECT17 Mar 2124 Feb 21, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT
SEA1350 Phase 3 - Maritime Underwater Tracking Range30 Apr 21TBC, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT
Tier 1A Body Armour System18 Jun 21N/ADefence - CASGRFQ
JOINT 8190 Phase 1 - Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (DBFD) System23 Jun 2112 Feb 21, OnlineDefence - CASGRFT

Community Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
No Current Opportunities


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Learning Experience Platform Pilot9 Apr 21N/ADefence - DSRGRFT

Engineering & Architecture

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Moorabbin Control Tower HVAC Replacement22 Mar 2112 Mar 21, Moorabbin Airservices AustraliaRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
OFSC 20219 Apr 21N/AAttorney-General’s DepartmentRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Goods Equipment and Assistive Technology Services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme16 Mar 21N/ADepartment of Home AffairsRFT
Employee Assistance Program Services17 Mar 21N/ADepartment of Home AffairsRFT
RFT for provision of Assisted Passage, Medical and Related Services to Support Humanitarian Program Entrants1 Apr 2125 Feb 21, OnlineDepartment of Home AffairsRFT

Human Resources

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Provision of New Employment Services Model 2022NoticeN/ADepartment of Education, Skills and EmploymentNotice

Management Advisory/Market Research

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Public Interest Certificate – Management Advisory Services for the Australian GovernmentNoticeN/ADepartment of FinanceNotice
South Asia Water Security Initiative Panel23 Mar 215 Mar 21, OnlineDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT
BUILDING PACIFIC CAPACITY PROGRAM IN SMALLER PACIFIC COUNTRIES (BPaC)26 Mar 2119 Feb 21, OnlineDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid ProgramRFT
External Development Management Consultancy Panel31 Mar 21N/ADefence Housing AustraliaRFT


OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Industry asset development22 Mar 21N/ATourism AustraliaRFT

Scientific/Environmental Research, Goods & Services

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
BR-GHT MX3 Photon Delivery SystemExtended to 2 Apr 21N/AAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRFT
SEA1350 Phase 3 - Maritime Underwater Tracking Range30 Apr 21TBC OnlineDefence - CASGRFT

Miscellaneous Goods & Services

Transport (Air, Sea, Land)

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
SEA1905 Ph 1 Tranche 1 - System Integrator and Mission Management System12 Mar 2120 Jan 21, TBCDefence - CASGEOI
Vessel charter Coral Sea Automatic Weather Station Maintenance & Return to Service15 Mar 21N/ABureau of MeteorologyRFT
Design and construction of oil recovery vessels2 Apr 2118 Feb 21, Minto, Sydney NSWAustralian Maritime Safety AuthorityRFT

Multi-Use Lists

OpportunityClosing DateIndustry BriefsDepartmentATM
Department of Veterans’ Affairs Community Nursing Services Invitation30 Jun 21N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Invitation to provide Day Procedure Centre Services to the Veteran Community30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Private Hospital Services30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Supply of Medical Grade Footwear to eligible persons30 Jun 22N/ADepartment of Veterans’ AffairsMUL
Digital Marketplace Panel23 Feb 23N/ADigital Transformation AgencyMUL

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