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Electrotech’s win boosts Navy’s on-board morale

Australian owned communications and navigation equipment company, Electrotech Australia, contracted Engineering Business to help them win the tender for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on-board satellite TV systems.

In a contract worth $3.6 million over three years, Electrotech will be supplying and servicing the equipment fitted into a significant proportion of the Navy’s Fleet units. Satellite TV provides domestic pay TV services and free to air (FTA), as well as a variety of international pay TV services on-board.

Electrotech have been supporting the RAN for over 15 years and currently held this contract. However, to ensure equity of opportunity, the Request for Tender for the renewal was issued to the open market. Consequently, Electrotech had to compete for the project and were determined not to lose on a technicality.

Aware of a few shortcomings in their processes, but confident their services met this project, Electrotech engaged the services of Engineering Business. Selected not only for their knowledge of satellite TV systems but also Engineering Business’ extensive and successful expertise in Defence maritime tenders.

Engineering Business mentored Electrotech to improve their tendering skills and enhance their competitiveness in the tender. In addition, Engineering Business’ strong capability in Defence tender review ensured Electrotech’s tender hit the mark with the RAN.

Support of Satellite TV is important for ship staff morale and quality of life at sea. Electrotech were able to demonstrate to the RAN their tender offered the lowest risk solution and provides the best support for these systems.

The Satellite TV support contract began in April 2019.

Engineering Business’ 5 years’ experience assisting clients win Defence tenders, and 17 years working in Australian government, can help boost your team’s tender skills to successfully demonstrate your organisation’s competitiveness.

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