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As a way of reducing the overheads and resources required for a tendering process, some Departments have implemented Multi-Use lists (MUL) for commonly procured goods and services.

These lists tend to be open for around 2-5 years and in most cases require a fairly simple application to become a member. These applications are periodically approved throughout the term of the MUL, which is often extended. This process means that applications can be submitted at anytime and there is no competitive process. Multi-Use lists provide governments access to a pre-approved list of suppliers similar to a panel arrangement, and in some cases Departments are mandated to only seek services from members of a Multi-Use list. While this simplifies the process for suppliers, it also means the number of approved suppliers is greater and the opportunities for winning work from these lists is reduced. Nevertheless, with the ease of application, you’ve got very little to lose in applying.

Current MULs are listed here with further details on AusTender.

If you require any further assistance or advice feel free to contact Engineering Business for all your tendering needs.

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