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How to Prepare for the Holiday Season

As we approach the end of the year, government’s Approaches to Market that are due in January will be minimal. However, it is important that in the rush of the silly season and the gradual warm up in the New Year, that you don’t get caught off guard and miss an opportunity. The following are a few tips or steps you can take over the break or early in Jan to help ensure that you don’t miss that RFT deadline or the issue of an RFT all together.

1. Review Current tenders for suitability. The majority of tenders that will be issued this year have already been released. The last two weeks saw a flurry of activity as departments sought to achieve their yearly goals and get those RFTs out. Most closing dates are within end Jan/Feb/Mar 2021. So it is worth your while reviewing what is currently on the table and determining if any of these are opportunities worth pursuing. With reduced staff numbers throughout January, you may find it difficult to round up adequate resources to prepare a tender response and may find a quick strategy workshop and bid outline prepared early in Jan may come in handy.

2. Review Procurement Plans. Most government departments will publish a procurement plan that lists the upcoming procurements for the next year and beyond. While the dates published are subject to change (and they frequently do!) it still gives you an idea of what opportunities are coming up allowing you to start thinking through some strategies early in the year. For Commonwealth departments, Procurement Plans are published on Austender by agency and are usually updated each quarter.

3. Book in collaboration meetings. Many tenders, particularly in the Commonwealth space are of a large scope and frequently require primes with numerous sub contractors or specifically formed consortiums to bid. Establishing these partnerships and supply chains takes time and can be the undoing of an otherwise solid bid. So it is worth booking in these discussions now, for early in the new year. Have a think about companies you’ve crossed paths with, think “growing Australian capability”, and book in some meetings to discuss potential partnerships or joint bids that may be worth pursuing as a team.

4. Basic admin. Who currently gets your company’s RFT alerts? It’s a good time to make sure that the one person who receives these alerts is not going to be on extended leave. Check you have a back up. This also goes for your Austender log in and any other tendering portal log in. The last thing you want is to be ready to upload a tender in January only to realise you don’t have the log in details and you have only minutes remaining to tender closing time!

5. Seek assistance. Finally, if you are stuck for resource, Engineering Business will be back on line from the 4 January and will be available to assist with new year strategies, bid proposals, tendering workshops or just fill in a resource gap until you are fully up and running again. Contact us for general advice or to book in a meeting to discuss your tendering requirements for 2021.

If you require any further assistance or advice feel free to contact Engineering Business for your tendering needs. Have a happy and safe festive season!

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