This Week in Government Tenders

Keeping up with government tenders can be a full time job! Each week, we collate Commonwealth government tenders under easy to find categories to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities. In addition we’ll select either an approach to market, an agency or a tendering topic to feature providing you with some quick and useful insights. Should an opportunity pique your interest and you wish to know more, feel free to Contact Us for further advice. Engineering Business can assist you with tendering workshops and training, help with developing your bid strategy and provide all the bid development assistance you might need. Investing in tendering can be time consuming and laborious, but if this is the game you want to play, then contact Engineering Business to make sure you win.


This Week in Government Tenders

Everyone wants a Digital Transformation - even government departments! That means ICT opportunities are regular and wide ranging. This week we review the way government tends to approach these requirements and highlight a few new releases.

Engineering Business is available to provide specific advice on any government tendering opportunity, feel free to contact us.


This Week in Government Tenders

Divided as to wether you should bid on a government panel? This week we provide five reasons why you should. Government departments are increasingly using panel arrangements for their goods and services, so its worth considering! Engineering Business is available to provide specific advice on any other government tendering opportunity, feel free to contact us.


This Week in Government Tenders

Our highlight this week focuses on three consulting panel opportunities for Defence Housing Authority seeking engineering, architectural and project management Services. However, as we head into February, opportunties under the Defence Estate program are building up again with three training facilities to be upgraded as well as security and electrical refurbishments required. The National Capital Authority has issued 3 RFTs seeking to improve their asset management and Defence has released ten different opportunites seeking a variety of goods to fit out the new Air Warfare destroyers. Everything from tools and clothing to safety and marine equipment is being requested. There are also new opportunities for architecural and actuarial services and a panel refresh opportunity for human resource related research. A reminder that the last day to register for the LAND 8160 Industry Consultation day is this Friday 9 Feb, and two weeks remain on the TGAs request for clinical evaluators. Engineering Business is available to provide specific advice on these or any other government tendering opportunity, feel free to contact us.


This Week in Government Tenders

This Week in Government Tenders we highlight opportunities in remote air services. The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities operates a Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme (RASS) which subsidises aircraft operators to provide flights to remote locations in Australia. The Scheme is conducted for the transportation of passengers where designated, and in almost all cases freight items such as fresh food, education material, medical supplies, veterinary supplies and machinery parts.

Throughout the year the Department issues Requests for Tender (RFT) for the provision of either freight or passenger services for a nominated remote location. As these contracts tend to be for a maximum of three years, opportunties for contract renewal appear frequently.

This week, two RFTs have been issued for air services under the RASS, one for freight services in the Channel Country of South Australia and Queensland, and the other for passenger services to Cape Barren Island Tasmania. Both opportunties close on the 23rd Feb 18, and an optional industry brief is being held in Adelaide on 31st Jan 18 to discuss the freight services RFT.

As would be expected, all tenderers must hold a CASA issued Air Operator's Certificate (and Regular Public Transport certificate for passenger travel) at the time of lodging the tender.
Both opportunities are for a 2 year initial period, with the option to extend for an additional 12 months.

If you are after specific advice on this or any other opportunity listed below, feel free to contact us.