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Demystifying the world of government tendering


Engineering Business can help you navigate the convoluted world of government tendering by first assessing the suitability of your company to bid. We can determine if you are ‘tender ready’ and if not work out the required systems or documentation you will need to successfully bid.


If you’re ready to bid, we can assist you with locating suitable tenders, preparing a compliant tender and providing adequate responses during the tender process that are required for clarification.


Should you be successful in shortlisting (and we hope you are!), or be named a preferred candidate, we can also assist during the negotiation process. We can advise on the technical aspects of the final contract and assist you in any set-up issues required to begin contract work.

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systems engineering


Creating solid foundational systems and documentation

Most government work requires a sound knowledge of systems engineering principles. Documentation and processes such as:

  • Systems Engineering plans
  • Test and evaluation plans
  • Engineering management plans
  • Risk management plans
  • Change management processes
  • Risk management processes

Engineering Business can help with all these aspects and provide training on systems engineering principles to give you and your staff the skills to undertake these tasks independently.


Ensuring Compliance and Consistency

Government work requires contractors to have accredited Quality Management Systems or an equivalent established system. Engineering Business can guide you through this process, or establish the minimum level of documentation to allow for government compliance in tendering and in the implementation of a contract.

quality management
contract and project management


Helping achieve a smooth in-contract experience….

your reputation is now on the line

Engineering Business is mainly focused on setting you on your way with new contracts and business opportunities, and providing you with the skills to take on the next job yourself. But should you find yourself under-resourced or in a difficult situation, Engineering Business can assist with a variety of ‘in contract’ issues. These include:

  • Drafting and/or reviewing contract deliverables,
  • Advising on contract management issues (such as change proposals or contract renewals),
  • Reviewing and/or preparing complaint reports
  • Training new staff in government contract aspects mid project,
  • Assisting with continuous risk & issue management